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Original LinuxWorks Server

👑 gabriel, a member of the LinuxWorks Linux User Group, founded the original LinuxWorks Minetest Server in October 2016. At that time, it was the only server running the advtrains mod. It had a subway system with 5 lines, operated using simple ATC. Trains were manually spaced, and train jams occured pretty often, as there was no signalling of any sort.

At that time, popular players were Trump(aka Fedora24, now Edgy1), Shanielle and ScottishLion83. ⚖️ orwell joined the server around January 2017.

On Friday, 2017-03-10, what was thought to be map database corruption occured, and there weren't any backups. So, gabriel set up a new world for testing. On 2017-03-20, it turned out to be a mod in the lifter mod, and he succeeded to restore the old map, but at that time gabriel had decided that he would start a new map and copy the interesting buildings over, for various reasons, including that the spawn area had no widespread protection and was just a griefed shithole landscape.

"I've grown quite fond of the ethereal mapgen, maybe we should make a new map and then migrate all the cool buildings to it, so we have all of them concentrated in one place. what do you think?" gabriel, 2017-03-20

The wiki page on the Linuxworks User Group wiki still has screenshots of the old server

LinuxWorks Next Generation

During April 2017, a new server was set up on port 30001, with a new world. This was not officially announced, and access was first restricted to only few trusted players. In this phase, buildings were copied from the old server, and the first two subway lines (Line 1 - bernhardd - Hall of Justice and Line 2 - Spawn - Cathedral) were constructed. (see also Spawn Subway#History)

On 2017-04-27, the LinuxWorks Next Generation server was officially announced. Shortly after, the "old" server was shut down.

At the time of the opening, existing structures were the Spawn point (which has been almost completely reconstructed since then), Spawn Main Station (although without any railway lines), Shanielle City, the Cathedral and Community of Laza.

In September 2017, Trump got sent the old server world and hosted it himself; however there weren't many players on his server.