Shanielle Inlet Station

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Shanielle Inlet
Garden of Eden Ferry.png
Aerial view of the ferry pier, with train station in the background
Coordinates🌍 -5644,7,-3534 (map)
Other information
Station codeEdF
Preceding station   Express Lines   Following station
toward Euler Street
Preceding station   Eden Ferries   Following station

Shanielle Inlet is a station on the Express Lines and Ferry Networks one terminus of E3, and the end of the Euler Street-Wolf Rock Railway. It is the transfer point to Garden of Eden Ferry, which delivers passengers to the Garden of Eden.

The stations construction is basic: of silver sandstone bricks with scorched earth fences and an apple and palm wood dock. There is an unused room below the train platform and a waiting room at the water level just before the dock.


A ⚖️ Trump line ran to the Garden of Eden in the earliest days of the server. The line beyond Wolf Rock was abandoned for a long time and finally demolished.

After the addition of ferries, the station was opened in October 2019 by ⚖️ orwell, with the name Garden of Eden Ferry.

On 29 February 2020, the new name, suggested by Blockhead, was approved by 👑 gabriel. The reason cited for the change was to better distinguish both ends of the ferry line.