Shore Station

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Shore Station DiamondTrain.png
A Diamond Line train waits to depart Shore.
Coordinates🌍 550,12,2160 (map)
Owned byOsthoff21
Other information
Station codeosthoff-shore, osthoff-shore-eol
Preceding station   Osthoff21 Train Lines   Following station
TerminusOTL Bronze Line
OTL Diamond Line
Preceding station   Personhood Metrorail   Following station
  Transfer south to LTBAG Station  

Shore is a railway station on the Personhood Metrorail and Osthoff21 Train Lines networks. Nearby is the Shore shopping centre, run by Osthoff21. Similar railway stations occur in real life with shopping centres above them, such as Toowong Station, Brisbane.

Shore is a more modern Osthoffian Style building. The station itself is on the ground level, buried beneath the rest of the building above it. The platforms are somewhat low, somewhat dim and made mostly out of silver sandstone blocks, with willouw and acacia wood also used as well as mithril platform edges.


Most trains terminate at this station; The only through-running service is OTL Bronze Line.

Just south of the main station at Shore is Shore LTBAG Station, where Banana Express service departs for Anju Crossing Central.