Silver Coast

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Silver Coast
View from glider jump area.
View from glider jump area.
Coordinates: 🌍 1220,10,1039 (map)
FoundedApril 2019
Founded byARSE7

Silver Coast is a town nestled between Ehlodex, Crossroads, and Ocean City. It is the center of the Arse Train Lines (Mithril, Zinc, and Bronze). It was originally a holiday village, but has grown into a respectable town with multiple neighborhoods. It is named after the primary building material of silver sandstone brick as well as the many bodies of water next to the town. There is free space for living and already-built houses. If you need help, you can contact the Builder Squad (BSSC). The owners are ARSE7 and speedtest. Here live:

Silver Coast Centre

The main building is the ATL Silver Line station, which was also the first building in Silver Coast. The station building remains as a historical monument even though the tracks were removed after Zinc Line was completed. Next to it is the original Silver Coast Town Hall. To the west end is the Silver Coast Shopping Centre (SCSC).

In this neighborhood live Sraczka2, Binary_Green, martinalol10 and Cassivellanus. Another big building is the Silver Coast Parliament.

Silver Coast South

New part of town with small private airport ATAC, Owners Villa, Hotel 🏨, Library, SC Office, SC Park, Biofarm (one public, one private), and Silver Forest. There is also a station for the Zinc and Bronze Lines.

Silver Coast North

For nouw here are only Travel Center (to SC ballon) and Silver Coast Factory (ATL station).

Silver Coast East

Here the Mithril line station and lux_contrirum home.

Silver Forest

Under construction. A pine forest with gray dirt biome. Planinng a camping.

Silver Coast High Tech

Under construction. A new part of town with modern houses, skyscrapers, offices and Industrial District.



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