Silver Coast

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Silver Coast
Holiday Village
View from glider jump area.
View from glider jump area.
Coordinates: 1220,10,1039
FoundedApril 2019
Founded byARSE7

Silver Coast is a holidays village for relax others players at the city smog. Silver Coast is maked by User:ARSE7 and User:speedtest. It is serviced by Arse Train Lines, with trains to Ocean City, Ehlodex, and planned to Crossroads.


The main part of village is situeted in a bay, and another part in a river coast. The village is maked by silver sandstone brick. The houses have MV power, all houses have a bit space of 100m2 and a bush. The village is structuret that all house have a look to water (Ocean, lake or river).


The house have only 200m2 because its holidays houses no main.