Südkreuz Station (Personhood)

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Südkreuz Station
Southern Cross Station.png
Looking west, a train is departing for Mushroom Hill
Coordinates🌍 1099,7,2632
Other information
Station codeosthoff-whatevs
Preceding station   Personhood Metrorail   Following station
toward Shore

Südkreuz Station is a station along the S14 line of the Personhood Metrorail, due south of Personhood West.

The station is above ground and is built with iron stone bricks and frost wood platforms that have dirt-with-grass edges facing the rails. Both platforms extend under an adjacent bridge that carries rail traffic to and from Personhood West. However, those trains do not stop at Südkreuz Station.


It is thought the station was built in August 2019. The line from Shore had built before this date, but this is the first map render on which the station buildings and platform appear. This station was first served by a train from Shore to Personhood South. This service was part of what would later become Osthoff21 Train Lines.

The station was added to the S14 line in December 2019. The line previously ended at Person Bridge Station, just west of Personhood South Station. However, Person Bridge Station is no longer in use as a result of the Quadruplicate Spawn-Personhood Mainline project.