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View of the city from the northeast, with landmarks labelled.
View of the city from the northeast, with landmarks labelled.
Coordinates: 🌍 -675,15,-496 (map)
FoundedApril 2017
Founded bygabriel
 • MayorSmacker

Spawn is the capital of the Linux Works minetest server world. Besides its administrative function it is also the economic and cultural centre of Spawn Island and beyond.

Geographic location

Map evolution of the city (since august 2017).

Spawn is located in the heart of Spawn Island and is a neighbour to Riverside (across the Cleavage River) and West Riverside in the South. It is situated at the foot of Mt Gabriel in the West and borders on the Evergreen Forest in the North East that seperates it from the city of Origin. In the North it ends at the Central plateau and in the North West it borders on the unincorporated place of Laza Land and the Raja municipality.



There is the post of a mayor of Spawn who resides at Spawn Townhall. Current mayor is User:Smacker who took office in 2017.

Being the capital of the world it also the seat of several instutions: e.g. the Houses of Parliament, the Ministry of Transport, the Central Post Office.


Spawn is a centre of trade with many users operating small shops and bigger stores at and around the market.

Historically, Spawn has also been an industrial centre, notably the Gabriel Factory that ceased operation a long time ago.



Spawn is the centre of the Spawn Subway. The stations that form a grid from Library in the northwest to Ministry of Transport in the southeast are a distance apart that is usually quicker to walk than catch trains. All lines stop inside this grid.

Energy and Water

Spawn is one of the few cities in the world that offers a power and water supply network to its citizens – at least for some areas within the city boundaries.


Spawn has a zoo and a library.

Judicial institutions

Spawn is the seat of a district court, the Hall of Justice


Religious needs of citizens are served by Spawn Cathedral. There is also a Church of Emacs near the Ministry of Transport.


In Central Spawn there is a neighbourhood of row houses and some more sophisticated town houses. Some industrialized apartment blocks like Trump Tower and Little Pyongyang in the South also offer a considerable amount of apartments.

There is a hotel next to the main station.

Tourist Attractions and notable buildings



According to CalebJ, Spawn City will eventually reach its death as South Forest did. "Fiddlesticks!"