Spawn-Personhood Mainline

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Spawn-Personhood Mainline
Track gauge886.3 mm (2 ft 10 78 in) Advtrains gauge
Route map
Spawn Main Station
to Origin
to Spawn 21-Anju Crossing Line
Community of Laza
from Spawn 21
Lesnoi South
Lesnoi North
to North Harbour Branch
Anju Crossing Central
Old Cross Station
Schwarzschild Passing Track
Redwood Tunnel
Schwarzschild Street
Line 4
Minkowski Street
Ritchie Memorial Shuttle
Robert Gardon Street
To Dry Island
Lusin Street
The Cube
Osthoff Mainline
To X Nihilo
Person Bridge
to Shore
Person Bridge
Personhood South Station
Depot Mountain Tunnel (26m)
Personhood City Tunnel
Personhood Main Station
to Oasis

The Spawn-Personhood railway line leads from Spawn Main Station via Lesnoi, Schwarzschild Street and Ehlodex to Personhood Main Station. It is used by multiple railway services, including E1 along its entire length, S12 south of Ehlodex, as well as XN and CFE near The Cube.

The line is subject to the Quadruplicate Spawn-Personhood Mainline plan. Between Spawn 21 and Anju Crossing, the newly-constructed Spawn 21-Anju Crossing Line runs right below this line to provide 4 tracks in total on this section. The lower line is to be used by express trains like E1 which do not stop at the intermediate stations.


About 2 weeks after the server launch, the northern switch field of Spawn Main Station was completed. At that time, tracks were built northward along the east of Laza Community, leading into a tunnel that runs below the area that is now Lesnoi, and ending at the ocean north of the area. This section of the main line is one of the oldest known mainline sections on the server.

About a year later, subway line 4 was extended from its prior terminus McFly Street to Lusin Street. Soon, it became obvious that Lusin Street was too unimportant and way too far away from the main Spawn city to be served by a subway so plans for a regional service were made. In turn, the tracks ending north of Lesnoi were extended to the north-east, joining with the Line 4 tracks at Schwarzschild Street.

When Personhood was founded, a train service to Personhood from Lusin Street was added. For this, the subway tracks ending at Lusin Street were continued to Personhood. Terminating subway trains used the seaside platform, terminating Personhood trains the landside platform.

With the TSS Update, it became possible to rethink the train services on the line. orrwell reconstructed the Schwarzschild Street station, making Line 4 terminate at Schwarzschild Street. Some sections which had 2 nodes track space were edited to 3 nodes track space. User:Gabriel built a station at Ehlodex, the former subway stop was later incorporated into the Hume Line.

Person Bridge served as the terminus for the S14 line until late November or early December 2019 when the Quadruplicate Spawn-Personhood Mainline project led to its being removed from service.