Spawn Library Station

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Spawn Library
Spawn Library Surface Platforms.png
The surface platforms
Coordinates🌍 -860,13,-300 (map)
Other information
Station codeLvf (Subway Line 5), Lbr (Subway Line 6)
Preceding station   Spawn Subway   Following station
toward Lighthouse
Preceding station   Express Lines   Following station
toward Trap City

Spawn Library is a station on the Spawn Subway and Express Lines networks, serving lines 5, 6 and E4. It is a grand structure with large arched glass roofs with stone brick supports and lighting strips.

The station is named after Spawn Library which is just to the station's east.


The Line 6 terminal station was built at the time the Line 6 ring was broken up. There used to be a library shuttle service which originally belonged to Line 1a (see Spawn Subway) leading to Kernighan&Ritchie Street before this station was integrated into the subway network. An covered-over entrance is still visible east of the current Line 5 entrance.

The regional part of the station was opened officially some time in early 2020, with the barriers removed.

The subway code Lvf refers to the old name for the Line 5 stop - Lava Fields. This name is visible on the old subway map.