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Main Station
View from Laza's Monument south all the way to Riverside.
Coordinates🌍 -620,18,-385
Other information
Station codeStn

Spawn Main Station is a railway station in Spawn. It is the first station on the server, built by User:Gabriel as one of the first buildings.

It has 8 platforms, of which 2 platforms (7 and 8) are only connected to the Spawn Subway network and served by Spawn Subway Line 2. For the subway station, see Spawn Main Station (Subway).

Railway Services

Lines at Spawn Main and nearby stations Spawn & Ministry of Transport

The following railway services serve Spawn Main Station:

There is also access underground to Line 1. Line 6 used to also run on the same tracks, but this is no longer the case after its extension towards Anju Crossing.

Spawn 21

In 2018, 👑 gabriel started extending the facilities of the former Spawn Underground station. Beneath the overground station, another 8 platforms were constructed. However, he has stopped construction works shortly after, because the structure was not yet required. It was long abandoned, until ⚖️ Smacker decided to finish construction. On 2019-11-28, the station was opened without much fanfare, when the Nanepiwer started serving the station.

The project is named after a disastrous construction project in Stuttgart, Germany, which is called Stuttgart 21



According to gabriel, the building design and style of the Main Station was inspired by the railway station building of Madrid-Chamartín, Spain.