Spawn Subway

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Spawn Subway
The newest map, drawn by Blockhead
OwnerMinistry of Transport
Area servedSpawn, Origin, Birch Bay Edenwood, Edenwood Beach, Riverside, Bananame, Onionland and outer areas
Transit typeRapid transit
Number of lines9
Number of stations115 (plus at least 7 abandoned)
Daily ridershipToo low
HeadquartersMinistry of Transport
WebsiteYou are here
Began operationShortly after the server began
Train length3
Headway2 minutes
Track gauge886.3 mm (2 ft 10 78 in) Advtrains gauge
Average speedToo slow
Top speed56 km/h
LuaATC environmentsubway

Spawn Subway (historically, just the subway; or Spam Soupwai if being silly) is the subway network of Spawn, extending to Origin, Riverside, Birch Bay, and many other areas. It has 9 lines and 115 stations. It is considered a wholly owned subsidiary of LinuxForks Rail.


Network Maps

Previous maps

Geographic map (old)

More previous maps are versioned at orwell's repository.


An old schematic map of the subway system, about 1 month after server launch

The Spawn Subway was the first train service on the Linuxworks Server. In its first working setup (about 1 week after server launch), it featured two lines and 5 stations:

The network quickly expanded, line numbers were assigned incrementally as more lines were opened. The subway was slowly built out to reach Origin, North Harbour, Land's End, Leekston, Birch Bay, and Schwarzschild Street. It has only shrunk once, when Line 4 was truncated back from Lusin Street Station as that section was replaced by S-bahn and express trains.

The Spawn Subway has its own system of interlocking that uses LuaATC. This system was incrementally developed from server launch until the TSS Update - see interlocking below for more information. This interlocking system was also used previously for South Forest Subway.

Since the TSS update, gabriel has introduced a policy of converting the old LuaATC lines to interlocking operation. Some lines are not completely interlocked; these lines use a 'dummy signal' for the next section where LuaATC control ends.

For more history, see the history sections of specific lines.


The Spawn Subway (and South Forest Subway as well) uses a "handmade" LuaATC setup to operate trains. Wall signals are used to tell whether a subway train can proceed into the next section. A section starts and ends right after a station. A train frees its current section and blocks the next section in the moment it departs from a station. When there's a diverting junction, one such signal exists per diverting track.

In places where a track crosses another track, one of the stations(typically the one closer to the crossing) gets another signal which is controlled by trains on the other crossing track, passed in as "osig". The train will only depart if both the section signal and the crossing signal are green. This mechanism is also used for single-track lines on the Mountain Railway.

The initialization code can be viewed for reference at [1].

From 2019 on, parts of the network were upgraded to use the advtrains interlocking system. The first section to be equipped with interlocking was the shared section of lines 1 and 4 between Origin and Coulomb Street, to solve the problem of continuous train jams on said section. Any extensions built since the TSS Update use interlocking, such as Line 6 from Coulomb Street northward. Existing lines that have been upgraded include Line 4 on its entire length and South Forest Subway.


It is rumored that ⚖️ Och_Noe operates a secret second network deep underneath the official network, linking up various industrial locations. Houwever, no official details exist on the system and information on the system remains speculative.

possible discoveries:


whilst i was looking for a place under origin, to see how much it had changed, i saw this advtrain track, at 🌍 0,-30900,0 (map)

what it looks like

this could be the secret subway under origin, but its a mystery why its so deep below. according to the area thing, it says the tracks belong to ⚖️ Och_Noe(under the name temp) and the tunnel itself belongs to mercant (under the name Digitron_Tunnel)

i dont know what the consequences for whistleblowing are on this server, but it seems that this tunnel was meant to be kept a secret.its tracks lie on cobble, and seem to have been built by a digitron. this could have been used as a mine, with tracks for carting down, but i dont see why they coulnt have used the cheaper default inetest tracks.


Unlike the rest of the railway network, the default stop time of Spawn Subway trains (i.e. the time trains wait at the station) is 7 seconds.

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