Spawn Subway Line 1

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Spawn Subway Line 1
SystemSpawn Subway
LocaleSpawn, Origin and Birch Bay
TerminiPalm Bay
Windy Mountains
Line number1
Number of tracks2
Route map

Palm Bay
Apple Plains
Apple Grove 4 S20
Birch Bay Change for Birch Bay Transit
Stone Beach
North Harbour 7
Volcano Cliffs
Frege Street
Tom Lehrer Street 3 5 7
Shanielle City 7
Main Station (Subway) 2 E1 E2 S1 S12
Ministry of Transport 3
Cow Bridge 4
Erdős Street 4
Babbage Road 4
Origin 2 4
Watson-Crick Street
Rockefeller Runway 5
Adorno Boulevard
Snake Bend
Szymon's Dam 2 XN
Windy Mountains Valley 1
Windy Mountains Valley 2
Windy Mountains Valley 3
Windy Mountains

Spawn Subway Line 1 is a service of the Spawn Subway network that runs from Palm Bay to Windy Mountains via Birch Bay, Spawn, and Origin.