Spawn Subway Line 1

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Spawn Subway Line 1
SystemSpawn Subway
LocaleSpawn, Origin and Birch Bay
TerminiPalm Bay
Windy Mountains
Line number1
Number of tracks2
Route map

Palm Bay
Apple Plains
Apple Grove 4 S20
Birch Bay Change for Birch Bay Transit
Stone Beach
North Harbour 7
Volcano Cliffs
Frege Street
Tom Lehrer Street 3 5 7
Shanielle City 7
Spawn Main 2 E1 E2 S1 S12
Ministry of Transport 3
Cow Bridge 4
Erdős Street 4
Babbage Road 4
Origin 2 4
Watson-Crick Street
Rockefeller Runway 5
Adorno Boulevard
Snake Bend
Szymon's Dam 2 XN
Windy Mountains Valley 1
Windy Mountains Valley 2
Windy Mountains Valley 3
Windy Mountains

Spawn Subway Line 1 is a service of the Spawn Subway network that runs from Palm Bay to Windy Mountains via Birch Bay, Spawn, and Origin. It is tied with Line 4 for most stations, at 27 stations each, but Line 4 is longer.


Line 1 was the first subway line built. About a month after server launch, it ran from what is now Ministry of Transport (then bernhardd) to Mountain Valley. This means that at Tom Lehrer Street, the service ran west, which is where Line 5 now runs. At this time and at least until 29 May 2017 was also a Line 1a that stopped at bernhardd, Main Station, Shanielle City South and finally Scottish Lion's City. That station has since been abandoned.

Later, the service was re-routed and extended to go north to North Harbour instead. At this time, it met Line 5 at North Harbour, the tracks for which are now assigned to Line 7 instead.

It was at one time extended to Coulomb Street, but instead it was re-routed to bypass it and extended to Origin, making it the third subway station to do so, after lines 2 and 4.

On September 3rd 2017, the line was extended to Watson-Crick Street, at the same time as the Origin Ring Lines were inaugurated. Later it was extended to Rockefeller Runway, Theodor Adorno Boulevard, Snake Bend and Szymon's Dam. This construction may have happened all at once or gradually. The final extension has been south through the Windy Mountains.

At some point in time, the line was extended north and west from North Harbour, adding Stone Beach, Brich Bay, Apple Grove, Apple Plains and finally Palm Bay.

No further extensions are considered for the line. Spawn Subway already has a very large geographic area to serve and railway extensions further out are planned as Local Lines or Express Lines. The line also already reaches the west and east ends of the main Spawn-Origin landmass.

Station names have changed over the years on this line:

  • bernhardd became Ministry of Transport
  • Lava Fields became Library