Spawn Subway Line 5

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Spawn Subway Line 5
SystemSpawn Subway
LocaleSpawn, Origin and Leekston
TerminiLeekston East
Line number5
Number of tracks2
Route map

Lighthouse S20 Railway 56
Gram-Schmidt Street
Mountain Valley
Mountain Mountain Railway
John Conway Street 4
Library 6 E4
Tom Lehrer Street 1 3
Cathedral 2 3 7
BlackDog 3 7 S12
Reactor 3 7
Sakharov Street 6
Erdős Street 1 4
Erdős Street Depot
Edenwood 2 2a
Theodor Adorno Street
Rockefeller Runway 1
Leekston ATL-Z
Leekston Jungle ATL-Z
Leekston East XN

Spawn Subway Line 5 is a service of the Spawn Subway network that runs from Leekston East to Lighthouse via Edenwood and Spawn.

This line stops at Sakharov Street, but the name has not been updated on the destination display. Currently, it displays the old name: Jungle Island.


Line 5 first appears on the second subway map, dated 6 May 2017. It started at Tom Lehrer Street and stopped at Cathedral, BlackDog, Reactor, Ackermann Avenue, Ship Rock, Henderson-Hasselbalch Street and Lone Island. Shortly after (on the map dated the 7 May), Line 1 and 5 had a re-design. Line 1 was instead extended to North Harbour, where previously it went to Lighthouse, and line 5 took over the old west end of Line1. So Line 5 ran from Lighthouse to North Harbour.

Line 5 remained as it was until around October 2017, when Lines 5 and 7 were re-routed. Now Line 7 ran to North Harbour instead, and Line 5 was extended east from Reactor to stop at Erdős Street and Edenwood. Shortly after that, in late October or the start of November, it was extended again to Rockefeller Runway, where it met Line 1. In the middle of that month a new station at Theodor Adorno Street was also added.

In 2018, some before circa 9 July, the line was extended past Rockefeller Runway to Leekston. At the end of 2018, this was still the terminus. At the end of January 2019, the old shittle track between Leekston and Szymon's Dam was removed to make way for the Hume Line. It was probably around that time that extending the subway to meet the Hume Line began to be considered. Certainly by May 2019, two new stations had been added to Line 5: Leekston Jungle and Leekston East.

No extensions are currently considered for Line 5. It reaches the west and east ends of the Spawn-Origin Landmass. Instead, a new ferry terminal has opened at Leekston East, and if extensions from Lighthouse are considered those would be in the form of a ferry as well.

Renamed stations

The following stations have changed name during the life of Line 5:

  • Lava Fields became Library
  • Jungle Island became Sakharov Street (also called Sacharow Street in German, but this spelling is deprecated).