Spawn Subway Line 5

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Spawn Subway Line 5
SystemSpawn Subway
LocaleSpawn, Origin and Leekston
TerminiLeekston East
Line number5
Number of tracks2
Route map

Lighthouse S20 Railway 56
Gram-Schmidt Street
Mountain Valley
Mountain Mountain Railway
John Conway Street 4
Library 6 E4
Tom Lehrer Street 1 3
Cathedral 2 3 7
BlackDog 3 7 S12
Reactor 3 7
Sakharov Street 6
Erdős Street 1 4
Erdős Street Depot
Edenwood 2 2a
Theodor Adorno Street
Rockefeller Runway 1
Leekston ATL-Z
Leekston Jungle ATL-Z
Leekston East XN

Spawn Subway Line 5 is a service of the Spawn Subway network that runs from Leekston East to Lighthouse via Edenwood and Spawn.

This line stops at Sakharov Street, but the name has not been updated on the destination display. Currently, it displays the old name: Jungle Island.