Spawn Subway Line 6

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Spawn Subway Line 6
RamanujanBridge U6S.png
A Spawn Subway Line 6 train heads south across the Ramanujan Bridge on tis way from Djungle City Subway Station to Agbar Subway Station.
SystemSpawn Subway
LocaleSpawn and Origin
TerminiLibrary Station
Anju Crossing Central
Line number6
Number of tracks2
Track gauge886.3 mm (2 ft 10 78 in) Advtrains gauge
Route map

Library 5
Euler Street 4
Half-Mile Island 7
Darwin Road
University 7
Cleavage River
Swimming Rabbit Street
Mainline to Spawn
Riverside 2 3 S1
Spawn/Origin Bay
Yoshi Island
Spawn/Origin Bay
Coulomb Street 4 8
Pancake Jungle
Sakharov Street 7
Ramanujan Street 2
Djungle City
Anju Crossing E1 S12

Spawn Subway Line 6 is a service of the Spawn Subway network that runs from Library Station to Anju Crossing Central via Riverside, Spawn and Origin. It was a ring line for a very long time, but more recently was extended to Anju Crossing.


As a Ring Line

Line 6 began its life some time around late June 2017 as a ring line. Line 6 was not actually the first ring line; Line 3 was a ring line before Line 6 was made. The ring line when made stopped at Main Station, Shanielle City South, Aquarium, Euler Street, Scottish Powerplant (now Half-Mile Island), Darwin Road, Archangel, University, Swimming Rabbit Street, Riverside, Yoshi Island, Beach, Coulomb Street, Jungle, and bernhardd (now Ministry of Transport). Both clockwise and anticlockwise services operated.

The ring line as-opened shared tracks with Line 7 between Darwin Road, Archangel and University. A complicated arrangement of signals was used at the platforms at Darwin Road, Half-Mile Island and University to deal with the convergence and divergence of trains. Between Museum and Darwin Road, Line 7 left the Line 2 tracks and joined the Line 6 tracks without an intermediate stop. By design of the LuaATC-based Spawn Subway interlocking, this meant that a Line 7 train about to go to Darwin Road had to wait at Museum until Darwin Road was free, and vice versa. In order not to cause jams on Line 2 and 6, Line 7 trains were always given preference, which was enforced by a complicated arrangement of osig's. Some time betwene January and July 2018, Line 7 was first rerouted via Market and Perelman Street to join Line 6 before Half-Mile Island, then completely broken off from the shared secton; it now only has an additional platform at Half-Mile Island and does not share any track. However, the track between Museum and Darwin Road stayed in place, including all old signals (which are not functional anymore).

By August 2017, a new station had been added: Kernighan & Ritchie Street, between Shanielle City South and Zoo, which had been renamed from Aquarium. The Library Shuttle train terminated here at K&R Street, also with an intermediate stop at ScottishLion. This ScottishLion stop was probably what is referred to as ScottishLion's City on the earlier maps which show Line 1a.

Breaking up of the loop

While every other line on the network changed during the rest of 2017, Line 6 stayed the same for a very long time. In fact, it did not seem to change at all even in 2018. But finally, around April 2019, Anju Crossing began to develop very rapidly. Around this time, the administration decided to break up the ring line and send Line 6 trains north instead to serve Anju Crossing, rather than basically duplicating other subway lines in central spawn.

The section of the loop between Zoo going East through K&R Street, Shanielle City, Main Station, MInistry of Transport and Jungle was already served by Line 1. This section was removed from the line. To replace the old library shuttle, the line was extended from Zoo up to Library. The stop at ScottishLion was deleted, perhaps some time before. The line at Coloumb Street, instead of turning west towards Jungle, was extended north, adding stops at Pancake Jungle, Sakharov Street (interchange with Line 5), Agbar, Ramanujan Street (interchange with Line 2), and new stations in Anju Crossing: Djungle City, Anju Crossing (now Old Cross Subway Station) and Henderson-Hasselbalch Street.

With the completion of Anju Crossing Station and closing of Henderson-Hasselbalch Street Subway Station, the line's terminus became Anju Crossing Central.

Since 2019-08-03, Line 6 is completely interlocked along its whole length.