Spawn Subway Line 7

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Spawn Subway Line 7
SystemSpawn Subway
LocaleBirch Bay, Anju Crossing, Spawn and Land's End.
TerminiBirch Bay East
Line number2
Number of tracks2
Track gauge886.3 mm (2 ft 10 78 in) Advtrains gauge
Route map

Birch Bay East
North Harbour 1
Pytagoras Road
Lone Island
Anju Crossing 6
Henderson-Hasselbalch Street
Ship Rock 2
Ackermann Avenue
Reactor 5
BlackDog 3 5
Cathedral 2 3 5
Shanielle City 1
Trump Park
Market 4
Perelman Street
Half-mile Island 6
Museum 2
Haskell Curry Street
University 6
Robert Koch Boulevard
Booze Grove
Mirzakhani Street
Planetarium KS

Spawn Subway Line 7 is a service of the Spawn Subway network that runs from Birch Bay East to Planetarium via Anju Crossing and Spawn.


Line 7 started around the same period at Line 6, around late June 2017. At that time it had very little track of its own, and most of its history revolves not around construction of new track but sharing or re-using tracks from other routes. It started at Robert Koch Boulevard then ran north stopping at University, Archangel, Darwin Road, Museum, Knuth Avenue, Spawn, Main Station and finally Cathedral. From University to Cathedral, the line shared track with Lines 6 and 2. It terminated at the now closed bumper track on the Line 2 platform in Cathedral station.

The sharing of track of Line 2 continued in September or October 2017, with the line being extended to Edenwood stopping at Desert Canyon, Treehouse Hotel, Redwood Forest, Ship Rock, Snowlands, Origin, Churchill Street and finally Edenwood. However, this was quickly changed. Line 5 was re-routed and extended east to Edenwood from Reactor instead of its old course to North Harbour. Instead, Line 7 as now separated out from Line 2 after Cathedral, and now stopped at BlackDog, Reactor, Ackemann Avenue, Ship Rock, Henderson-Hasselbalch Street, Lone Island, Pytagoras Road (now Pythagoras Road) and finally to terminate where Line 5 used to run, at North Harbour. It still shared track with Line 2 from Museum to Cathedral however.

In Novemeber 2017 the line was extended south from Robert Koch Boulevard. Stops added were Booze Grove, Mirzakhani Street and Planetarium. Planetarium remains the southern terminus of the line. Finally, some time between late January and July 2018, it was extended one station west to a new station Birch Bay East. In a conversation written on signs, Orwell told Och_Noe Gabriel that he wanted to extend Line 7 because "most lines in real life do not end at interchange stations". The sign with the discussion between Orwell and Gabriel are still at their place. Birch Bay East remains disconnected from the rest of Birch Bay Transport's network.

On 23 April 2019, Blockhead and 👑 gabriel had a work blitz and the line was completely interlocked. Previously the interlocking boundary was at the abandoned Fun Park Subway Station, with the section on the north side interlocked.

No extensions to Line 7 are currently considered. In the north, Birch Bay already has generally good public transport. In the south, the line has already reached Land's End Planetarium, which is, as the name suggests, at the end of the Spawn-Origin landmass.