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Stallmangrad Main and City Core
Stallmangrad Main and City Core
Sine Stallmanem Nemo Salvatur
Coordinates: 1896,12,-2205
FoundedJan. 2018
Founded byUser:Smacker

Stallmangrad is a city east of South Forest, mainly built and managed by User:Smacker.


Stallmangrad Main — two-level railway station (2 platforms, quad tracks) serving both EW (upper level) and SN (lower level) connections.

Servicing trains:

• Stallmangrad - South Forest (via Memeks' Bridges, Bamboo Plains, Outer Limits)

• Stallmangrad - Tuxopolis

• Stallmangrad - Happysmash

Stallmangrad - Personhood (via Midway Cliff, Snow Town, Paris Lyon, Barren Lands, Greener Pastures, Island)

Stallmangrad Railway rev01.png

Stallmangrad Subway

Five lines, one of them in limited use (shuttle train on one of the tracks).

Names for most stations are yet to be assigned after the surrounding areas acquire distinctive features.

Stallmangrad Subway rev02.png

Sights and Attractions

Within city limits:

• Stallmangrad City Oceanarium (🚇 Oceanarium)

• Vim Witness Kingdom Hall (🚇 Town Hall)

• Nekoyama Shiro

• Cat.

In the vicinity:

• Aksum's Botanical Garden (🚆 Bamboo Plains)

Tuxopolis (🚆 Tuxopolis)


According to CalebJ, there needs to be more cities like Stallmangrad on the server.