Stallmangrad-Personhood Mainline

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Stallmangrad-Personhood Mainline
Route map
to Neverbuild
Greener Pastures
Barren Land
Gare de Paris Lyon
Grand East Mainline to Origin
Snow Town
Midway Cliff
Gateway to East-West mainline via Our Lady of the Editor

This is the mainline between Personhood and Stallmangrad. Important stops along its route include Island, Crossroads, and Kulbacki's land. The southern section of the mainline is called the Lady of the Editor Railway and is paralleled by a single-track line built by User:Kulbacki998.

The line has been built with extensive use of mechanization and features many tunnels and viaducts.

The line is served by the SM1 train that runs along its entire length stopping at all stops, operated by User:Smacker. The fleet is composed of 4 four-wagon E231 trains, running at expected interval of about 5 minutes.

The segment between Personhood and Island is also served by the Island Shuttle train going to Neverbuild.

On May 13, 2019, an additional station has been constructed halfway between Island and Personhood, granting access to nearby unused terrain, however uneven it may be. It is served by the Island Shuttle train.