Stone Beach Subway Station

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Stone Beach
StoneBeach Entrance Shop.png
LocationBirch Bay
Coordinates🌍 -870,-7,705 (map)
Other information
Station codeStb
Preceding station   Spawn Subway   Following station
toward Palm Bay

Stone Beach is a station on the Spawn Subway network, serving Line 1. It is the eastern-most station in Birch Bay with regular passenger service. It is named after stony shore of the ocean in the area.

The station's construction is cramped but varied, with cactus bricks, iron brick floor, stone brick platform edge and torches for lighting. There are no stairs out, only elevators.


Above the subway, there is a helix coming up out of the ocean and onto a viaduct. The viaduct continues on into central Birch Bay and beyond, with the track running out just before Apple Grove. This track comes from Large Beach. It is separate from the one used for the Large Beach Shuttle.

omsi lives nearby and has a shop to the east of the station, which mostly sells foods and dyes.