Syndromes Common to Players

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Many users on this server share the same syndromes, whih are interesting but can also cause problems. Therefore, learning about these syndrome and their effects can sometiems prevent misunderstanding.

Hole Blindness

A product of hole blindness. Notice the missing wood block and the snow block placed instead of wood.
In a more severe form, the hole blindness might lead to omitting more blocks at once, even whole parts of buildings.

Hole Blindness makes a player, "For get to place blocks here or there." User:Hume2, User:CalebJ.

It has mainly three effects:

  • Not placing a block where it should logically belong or removing it without reason
  • Placing a different block where it does not belong
  • Placing a block somewhere without reason

Usually, the affected players don't even see the product of Hole Blindness, sometimes not even when they are told. If they manage to spot it, they only rarely fix it.

In a more severe form, it can lead to these effects:

  • Omitting more than one blocks at a time
  • Omitting whole building parts
  • Using wrong material for a whole building part
  • Adding useless non-functional building parts

Known affected players

Other Names

  • Laziness Syndrome
  • Osthoffian Syndrome
  • Out-of-Resources Effect
  • Carelessness Syndrome

False Hole Blindliness

Station/stop track, which can be incorrectly judged by a new player as hole blindliness

Misunderstanding can cause people, especially new players, to incorrectly judge some cases as "hole blindliness". This is usually caused by:

  • Mesecons
  • Different types of tracks, especially (Lua)ATC Tracks and station/stop tracks
  • Blocks that are placed for specific purposes, usually ghostblock

Digtron frenzy

Sometimes affects players after they familiarize themselves with digtrons on a functional level. After which they get the idea that everything should be done with a digtron, and it must be as large as possible. Also no matter what it is, be it a tunnel or a tower, it is inevitably square, because said players haven't yet mastered the art of making repeated intricate structures by replicating a template (with "read and save" option), or using offsets/periodicity; and out of simplest materials, because said players don't have any fancy materials in adequate supply.

The end results are extremely long square tunnels, giant mine shafts, flat bridges suspended in midair by the power of prayer, square towers without windows or any other features adorning their walls for that matter, large areas bulldozed to a level and/or paved with the same block as far as the eye can see (sometimes covering over vast surface of water).

Shifting Cultivation

Shifting cultivation forces the player to behave in a strange pattern. Each affected player starts with building a settlement. After a time, he realises that his settlement is bad and builds a new one. However, he realises that this one is also bad, so he builds another one, and so on…. This results in leaving a trail of shitty settlements and "cities", with a few exceptions.

Known affected players and their trails