Szymon's Dam

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Szymon's Dam
View from the east, with Hume Line in foreground and Spawn Subway in background.
Coordinates🌍 711,8,-99 (map)
Other information
Station codeDam
Preceding station   Spawn Subway   Following station
toward Palm Bay
Preceding station   Express Lines   Following station
toward Trisiston

Szymon's Dam is a railway complex built in the bamboo plains east of Edenwood. It is built from little other than stone tile and has been the site of several shittles.

Subway Station

The subway station is the eastern terminus of Line 2 as well as a stop of Line 1. It is built as a cross-platform interchange. The underground island platform serves Line 1 trains continuing east to Windy Mountains as well as Line 2 trains that terminate. The above ground island platform serves Line 1 and Line 2 trains heading west towards Origin and beyond. The ground level connects the two platforms and houses an ATM.

Hume Line Stop

East of the subway station runs the Hume Line high above the surrounding landscape. There are two side platforms at Szymon's Dam that serve the X Nihilo Express. This station is connected to the subway station through a stone tile path.

Dam and Griefing incident

The station takes it's name from a nearby dam, built by User:Szymon. Szymon was a passwordless account which was hijacked by a user named Liberty45, who took over the dam and proceeded to grief it according to his wishes.