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Idk if Ocean city must take part in Neverbuild but i want that OC became inipendent and svilup himself internal economy. --User:ARSE7

I don't think that Ocean City will become part of Neverbuild.
  • It is defined to be an independent city near Neverbuild, not part of Neverbuild.
  • Ocean City has its own railway lines, and services are provided by Ocean City instead of Neverbuild.
  • Osthoff is not a owner of this city.




I went to Ocean City again and found out that some public facilities are still missing. You can consider reading this. Remember that a real city isn't simply a group of buildings and a train line.
--User:Ywang on 10 April 2019 at 20:39 CST


I add new neighborhood at Ocean City, and new long road. --User:ARSE7


Please update the Ocean City parnorma. It appears to be a bit outdated and contains some places that no longer exist.
--User:Ywang on 10 April 2019 at 20:39 CST