Technic Station

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Personhood TS: Upper floor β€” HV furnace, grinder, compressor; lower floor β€” tool workshop and battery boxes

Technic station

A technic station is a public facility containing devices from technic mod for public use. It is intended for those players who do not yet have the resources to build their own workshops, or who need technic options only occasionally. The assortment of available equipment and the mode of operation may vary greatly. Older stations often rely on tubes, while newer use the chest upgrade to make MV/HV machines public.

LV machines lack the ability to be upgraded, and so can be shared only simultaneously with the area they are placed in, which also allows to remove the equipment. This still allows for sharing technic devices among several people, but it wouldn't be actually public.

Additionally, a technic station can provide some non-technic tools (e.g. a circular saw or a letter block machine).

Known technic stations

  • Spawn TS (🌐 -710,14,-553)
  • Personhood TS (🌐 1534,27,3008)
  • Origin TS (🌐 121,16,118)
  • Riverside TS (🌐 -573,9,-754)
  • X Nihilo TS (🌐 2200,5,5880)
  • Colored Grasses (🌐 1223, 14, 1562)
  • Crossroads TS (🌐 1739, 5, 976)

Public charger

The simplest form of a TS, containing only a charger box (usually HV), where players can charge their power tools. Some technic stations provide charging facilities, while others do not.

Known public chargers

  • Spawn, Spawn shop (🌐 -699,11,-522)
  • Spawn, Trump tower (🌐 -699,15,-681)
  • Spawn, Van der Kek center (2nd floor) (🌐 -776,19,-458)
  • Neverbuild (industrial district) (🌐 1289,12,1981)
  • Origin (🌐 16,13,43)
  • Personhood TS (🌐 1534,27,3008)
  • X Nihilo TS (🌐 2200,5,5880)