The Cube

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The Cube
Aerial view from the northwest, with the regional platform visible.
Coordinates­čîŹ 1106,20,1983 (map)
Owned byMercant
Other information
Station codetrtc
Preceding station   Express Lines   Following station
toward Melinka Town
toward Personhood
toward Trisiston
Preceding station   Arse Train Lines   Following station
Preceding station   Osthoff21 Train Lines   Following station
TerminusOTL Mithril Line
toward Island
TerminusOTL Ice Line
toward Island

The Cube is a station on the Spawn-Personhood Mainline served by Express Lines E1, NX, CFE and ATL/CRT Line ATL-B. It is named after a giant stone cube that seems to be a technic factory. This area is located on a grassy island in the middle of a large dry dirt plain.

Over the overpass from the regional platforms, on the east of the station, is a pair of platforms for services of Osthoff21 Train Lines. The OTL Mithril Line and OTL Diamond Line both terminate at The Cube before returning to Neverbuild.


The Spawn-Personhood mainline began construction between 2018-07-06/2018-07-25, reaching north almost to where S├╝dkreuz Station is found today. Mercant appears to have started building The Cube at this time. A proper station was added between 2018-07-25/2018-08-22, and The Cube itself was complete as it stands today, with a river flowing down and grass around. Neverbild had not been settled at this time, though Island was in construction. A first shittle track was added from Island to The Cube between 2018-08-22/2018-10-04. Piet Station seems to have begun early construction around this time, as well as the site of the current Neverbuild Central Station. Neverbuild proper had been begun by 2018-12-31 and the Neverbuild Branch line was almost certainly in service.

By August 2019, the ATL Bronze Line had begun service on the Spawn-Personhood Mainline, sharing the same tracks. Due to an excessive amount of trains, the Bronze Line clogged the mainline. Two tracks from Colored Grasses to The Cube were added, so that the ATL-Bronze trains had their own tracks up to this station. The Bronze Line trains travel on the outer tracks while the regional LinuxForks Rail services travel on the inner track pair.

A rapid development of lines in the Neverbuild area in December 2019 resulted in the formation of Osthoff21 Train Lines (OTL). Thus, the old name 'Neverbuild Branch Line' was replaced with 'OTL Mithril Line'. The Ice Line, which had previously been a shuttle between Island and Neverbuild Central Station, was extended west to stop at Town Hall and The Cube soon before the formation of OTL.

In May 2020, the track pair of the ATL Bronze Line was continued up to Personhood West.