Personhood Town Hall Station

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Personhood Town Hall
Town Hall Station Metrorail Platforms.png
The Personhood Metrorail platforms at Town Hall station
Coordinates🌍 1502,18,2990 (map)
Line(s)Personhood City Tunnel
Other information
Station codePTH
Preceding station   Personhood Metrorail   Following station
toward PK Factory

The Personhood Town Hall station is located in Personhood, under the Personhood Town Hall. It is served by the (S15}} and S16 lines of Personhood Metrorail. Service from the main station used to be direct from Personhood Main Station until the removal of the Personhood Tram network.

Nearby Points of Interest

An old photo of nearby buildings. The station is located under the Town Hall at the centre of the image.

There is only 1 exit towards the ground floor of the Town Hall, where a dirt path distributor, an ATM, a WireTransfer Terminal and a barter table are available. Directly facing the building entrance is Dr. Rudolf Benario Street.


Personhood Technic Station

All located on Dr. Rudolf Benario Street. Unless otherwise noted, they are located near the central fountain.


Dr. Rudolf Benario Street, North

  • misha5 shop (Food)
  • OCP Mini Store
  • Restaurace
  • survivalg's mini store (Building materials)

Dr. Rudolf Benario Street, South

  • CCMC Mini Store
  • Supercraft
  • Tree House Fast Food

Ernst Goldmann Street

  • Derelicts Liquor Shop
  • Fast-Food Trap
  • PK Shop
  • Trap's Shop


"PK Station"

On Ernst Goldmann Street, there is a "U-bahn" entrance that indicates a station called "PK Subway Station", which belongs to an abandoned railway line called PK Railway, meant to provide direct service to Mountain Hotel. The entrance has been boarded up midway. Coordinates are 🌍 1550,2,2973 (map) If you're curious what it looks like.