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The travel center in Linuxforks Center, Spawn has the most destinations.

A travel center is a place with teleport pads to different locations. The main hub of the travel center network is the travel center at the LinuxForks Center in Spawn.

A travel center used to be situated at Spawn, opposite the market, along with a technic station occupying roughly the same volume as the modern "Info Center". It was then removed in favor of the office building that stands here today.

The initial implementation for the replacement assumed having identical travel centers around the server, serving the same destinations, its prototype is situated at Origin. Then the idea moved towards having a single travel center with a single telepad back to it at each of the locations, which is the travel center at Spawn. The resulting network is a mixture of both, with a sprinkle of independent implementations on top.

A separate yet older telepad network survives to this day, connecting Spawn, Wolf Rock, Mario and Luigi Lighthouses, and Water Pyramid. Its hub at Spawn can be found near the Library.


Touwn Place Coordinates Destinations
Spawn LinuxForks Center 🌍 -785,20,-526 (map) Origin, Spawn, South Forest, Personhood, Stallmangrad, Birch Bay, Melinka Town, Neverbuild
Origin North side of Origin Subway Station 🌍 -9,13,43 (map) Spawn, South Forest, Personhood, Trisiston
South Forest South Forest Station 🌍 284,9,-2056 (map) Spawn (/spawn point)
Personhood Town Hall 🌍 1533,28,2972 (map) Spawn
Stallmangrad Town Hall, Level 2, East wing 🌍 1961,18,-2228 (map) Spawn
Birch Bay Birch Bay Station 🌍 -1203,6,694 (map) Spawn
Melinka Town Luan Street, just northeast of Melinka Town Station 🌍 -2066,7,-4556 (map) Neverbuild, Botanic Garden (near Bamboo Plains Station), Spawn
Neverbuild Neverbuild Station 🌍 1385,8,1959 (map) Spawn
Neverbuild (Sponsored) West of Airport, near elevator to Town Hall station 🌍 1315,12,1985 (map) X Nihilo