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Trisiston on the map render
Trisiston on the map render
FoundedMay 2019
Founded bygabriel
 • Mayornadine

Trisiston is a city south-west of Spawn. It is under construction, and will become the next noob town soon.


Trisiston is named after an oral contraceptive pill manufactured by Jenapharm GmbH containing Ethinylestradiol and Levonorgestrel, because User:gabriel is not very creative getting names and just looked up names of prescription drugs and took the one that sounded most appropriate for a city. Streets in the city should be named after brand names of oral contraceptive pills.


Trisiston is mainly composed of 10x15m plots for lusers to build houses on. These small plots should be enough for a small house and a small garden for starting. North of the station, there is a large jungle, which is to be used for logging.


Transport is provided by E3 to Euler Street Station in Spawn, and by S30 and S31, which serve local stations in the Trisiston area.