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Blockhead lays on his floormat in his shack.
Hey you! Are you struggling with interlocking? Watch my video tutorial!
You should read the Forks:Railway Problems page,
and maybe even take on an apprenticeship with DURT!

Blockhead is an aspiring real estate magnate transport tycoon and serial plan-filer with the Department of Planning. He lives in comfortable luxury in his shack on Edenwood Beach. He also owns a factory at spawn, Tom Lehrer street. He once thought he could make serious money by turning trees into diamonds. Unfortunately, he made a very bad investment by buying a factory at spawn and building a plantation at Edenwood Beach. Viewed in retrospect, this is still quite useful for making diamonds for his lavish personal digtron collection digtron shop.

Blockhead would like Edenwood Beach to become a very nice place for the extremely wealthy to live in luxury along side him, all within arm's reach of Origin and Edenwood. Unfortunately, all of his neighbours seem to have left, except for one damboy who he gave land to for free!

Blockhead created a mural to commemorate native jungle land near Edenwood Beach that was lost in a tragic chainsaw incident. Further, he has proactively protected land in the Spawn jungle to protect it from deforestation by Bolsonaro Farms. His plantation at Plantation Station remains committed to sustainable forestry and Blockhead advocates against deforestation. Except of bamboo forests, which are all prime targets to built straight over, owing to their ugliness.

Blockhead developed the Affordable Housing apartments in Trisiston, only to have them bought out by ⚖️ ywang in a monopolistic ploy.

In real life, Blockhead comes from a land down under, using Australian Eastern Standard Time, so don't be suprised if he's not on when you are!


Things I Hate

  • Shittles. Build a proper railway or don't bother. Tracks need ballast to retain them and for drainage.
  • Flattening. Build somewhere that's flat to begin with, it'll be quicker anyway. A flat world is a boring world.
  • Powergaming. Automatic mulch tree farms are stupid.
  • Noob holes - the useless holes that noobs tend to leave in the terrain. You're not a hobbit, you don't live in a hole in the ground. You're making the terrain unsafe. Go use a public mine, you'll get resources quicker.
  • Half-cut trees. You just can't trust people not to grief the forests it seems.
  • People who don't protect their areas and lock their chests. Security is important. Protect it or lose it, griefing and theft are inevitable. For added security, whitelist your player detectors, use iron doors, and lock your mesecons switches.
  • People who are greedy and take too many plots in Trisiston, especially for farms. Your house and farm can go on the same plot. Build a second storey on your house. If you want more land, move out of town.
  • Empty skyscrapers. Have a reason for having a building so high. China is full of empty skyscrapers, that doesn't make skyscrapers good.

The 4K Collection

A collection of representative screenshots of LinuxForks, taken in 4K. Each file page has more info.

See my copy of which might be helpful for playing linuxforks in singleplayer.

Billboard script (

# Prepare an SVG image for placing on a minetest billboard
# Requires inkscape and imagemagick on the path
# Invoke without any file extension, e.g. RegionalRailMap
wget${filename}.svg -O filesrc.html
url=$(grep -oE filesrc.html -m1 -e '/mediawiki/images/[a-f0-9]/[a-f0-9]{2}/'${filename}'\.svg')
wget $url -O ${filename}.svg

inkscape ${filename}.svg --export-area-page -e ${filename}.png

size=$(identify -format "%wx%h" ${filename}.png | sed 's,x,\n,' - | sort -n | tail -n1)
composite -compose src-over ${filename}.png ${filename}.png -background white -alpha remove ${filename}.billboard.png
mogrify -background transparent -gravity center -extent ${size}x${size} ${filename}.billboard.png -alpha activate ${filename}.billboard.png

Contest Reviews

See this subpage for detailed reviews and rankings on why I vote a certain way in contests.

Transport Company Signs

👑 gabriel has proposed signs to identify individual companies. My first proposal for such a sign is to use a sign in the style of Deustche Bahn: (also pictured: DURT logo as a 32x billboard).

See: Category:LWBahn_Icons and LinuxWorks Bahn

LinuxWorks Bahn Sign

World Train Map

File:Netmapper 2020-06-15.13.svg has the output of the latest published advtrains data through my drawmore branch of advtrains_netmapper.

W8 Tram (WIP)

I have a Melbourne W8 Tram model in progress. Pics: