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function generate_form()

    local form = "" ..
    "size[7,5.2]" ..
    "button[0.1,0.2;1.3,0.6;pos;Send pos]" ..

    return form

showui = function(msg)
     if msg == "/ui" then
          return true
     if msg == "/h" then
          return true
     if msg == "/bm" then
          minetest.send_chat_message("/aphome basement")
          return true

button = function(ui,obj)
     if ui == "ui" then
          if obj.pos = "Send pos" then
               pos = minetest.localplayer:get_pos()
               x = math.floor(pos.x)
               y = math.floor(pos.y) + 1
               z = math.floor(pos.z)

gui = generate_form()


RIP Frog-Boy 2020

RIP Frog-Boy.png

Frog-Boy died in an AFK digtron accident. Location was unknown so autopsy could not be performed. Despite efforts contributed by ⚖️ Och_Noe and ⚖️ ywang, the body was irretrievable. Frog-Boy's digtron was also badly damaged during this time.

Please pay your respects below


F --Gabriel (talk) 10:12, 13 June 2020 (CEST)

F- Forever in our thoughts and always in my heart --Nadine (talk) 11:59, 13 June 2020 (CEST)

Missing Items (Confirmed)

These are the items that are confirmed to be there via Frog-Boy's deep thinking. (?) Items are likely but not 100% confirmed.

  • Mithral Sword
  • Crystal Pick
  • Crystal Axe
  • Crystal Shovel
  • Cobble
  • Dirt(?)
  • Mesecon Wires
  • Digiline Wires
  • Mese (lots)
  • Diamonds (lots)
  • Iron Lumps (tons)
  • TCBs (Track Circuit Breaks)

Other items may be missing, like ATC/Station rails

Minetest Computer

This is a computer built using the mods digilines, mesecons, pipeworks, letters (optional; can be replaced with signs or ehlphabet blocks), digistuff, and textlines. It will have the capability to connect to other computers via a digiline wire/tube.


Update 6-13-2020

Installed a "clear text" button. Added a backspace button yet to be programmed. Added the WIP "test" (tests the displays) command. Added more infrastructure to the server connections.




Frog-Boy is a player that lives in Nowhere Town. He realizes while typing this that he can't put square brackets in text on his slide phone. He also realizes that noone cares.

Frog-Boy will always try to help u if u need it. He has (sadly) gone almost broke several times due to his spending hundreds of dollars on others.

Things I do

- I work on pipeworks, technic, and mesecon/digilines in my basement. I am (somewhat) working on turning all this into a factory.
- I also run around helping those who need it (if i can/i am available)

Things I hate

- Greifers
- Shittles
- Using the crafting table as inv space (I do it and immediately regret it)
- Dying while AFK on a digtron

Where I live

This section is about where i live in-game but in case you were wondering I live in [REDACTED], USA.

Where I live (in-game)

I live to the left of the fountain/town hall in Nowhere Town.