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Hello everyone!

I'm Hume2, I live at Dry Island and have some "little" buildings across the maps.

You can look at my mods at [1]

Hume2's research results

Sauron was meant to be MICROS~1

Was Sauron meant to be MICROS~1? Yes! Now there is a proof.

In the first age, Sauron had a tower at Tol Sirion. After he was defeated, he cancelled the magic spell that held the tower together and it crumbled down. In other words, the tower was a huge bloat that held together only because of dark magic. This is exactly how all MICROS~1 products work.

In The Lord of the Rings, Sauron sold Saruman a magic crystal sphere in order to watch him. This is exactly the same what the operating viruses by MICROS~1 do.