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Where is he?

Lucasburlingham (talk) is busy finishing school and is very busy, and may not be back on until Summer 2020. See ya then!

Who is he?

Lucasburlingham (talk) is a Christian who is not hesitant to show his faith. In BlackDot Cafe and the BlackDot Digital Services where he maintains smart shops, he has Acts 16:31-33 everywhere. His favorite Bible verse is Psalm 35:17-21. He also might give you free food, and is highly protective of mithril.

He owns a business that is entirely fictional - BlackDot Digital Services is only a dream of his, and he hopes to gain the resources to be able to run an IT solution company someday. For now, he is stuck making BDDS a reality in the virtual world through his BlackDot Digital Services Regional Offices and BlackDot Cafe in Neverbuild, where he "lives".

He found Minetest, started playing Capture the Flag, then found Linux-Forks in the month February of 2019

BlackDot Cafe


The shops which Lucasburlingham (talk) maintains are listed below:

  • The Blade of Grass (Main Store in North Neverbuild just south of BlackDot Cafe)


Lucasburlingham maintains Colored Grasses and hopes to impress the moderators and admin someday for his expertise. He has learned how to make a complete LV, MV, and HV network, which are displayed at the Technic Station in Colored Grasses.

Lucasburlingham is also a sponsor of ASK Main Shop, which gave him a tp pad in the ASK Shop in Crossroads. He also will build you a church if you ask him on this page.