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Och_Noe (also known as "Och_Nö", "Och Noe", "Och Nö"; unofficially also as "Icy Noe", "Och Nou", "Ouch Noe", "Och Joe", "toch-noe", "Uch Oh" or "Lord of Lua") is a moderator of this server and the creater of OCP.


After some mining an area can look like this (up to -280m):


Some - more or less - random music (all links to Youtube) - complete list



There seems to be no documentation for the functions (etc) a CSM can use ...

Current issue: the CSMs pre-5.2. don't have get_modpath .. CRASH



Marking Sticks

Colour combination requests please here, will be later moved to a better place:

  • yellow + red (Och_Noe)

Food and Animals

After updating the cobble chart there was the question if more similar charts are useful, here a try with food and animals:

Here the source, use 'dot' from 'Graphviz' to create an image:

label = <Food and Animals <font point-size="7"> $Id:,v 1.2 2020/07/30 18:07:40 minetest Exp $</font> >

labelloc = "t"

rankdir = LR

node [ shape = box ];

grass -> rabbit [label="feed" ]
carrot -> rabbit [label="feed" ]

grass -> cow   [label="feed" ]

wheat -> cow   [label="feed" ]
wheat -> sheep [label="feed" ]

rat -> cat [label="feed" ]

fish -> penguin [label="feed" ]
fish -> cat [label="feed" ]

bamboo -> panda [label="feed" ]

"wheat seed" -> chicken [label="feed" ]
"cotton seed" -> chicken [label="feed" ]

rabbit -> "rabbit hide" [label="killed" ]
rabbit -> "raw rabbit" [label="killed" ]

cow -> "raw meat"     [label="killed" ]
cow -> leather  [label="killed" ]
cow -> milk  [label="milking" ]

sheep -> "raw meat"  [label="killed" ]
sheep -> wool   [label="killed" ]

panda -> "raw meat"   [label="killed" ]

chicken -> "raw chicken" [label="killed" ]
chicken -> feather [label="killed" ]
chicken -> egg [label="laying" ]

"raw meat" -> meat [label="cooking" ]

"raw rabbit" -> "cooked rabbit" [label="cooking" ]

"raw chicken" -> "cooked chicken" [label="cooking" ]
"raw chicken" -> Bibimbap [label="crafting" ]

egg -> "fried egg" [label="cooking" ]

milk -> "glass of milk" [label="crafting" ]

"rabbit hide" -> leather [label="crafting" ]

meat -> "Kebap rotisserie" [label = "crafting" ]
meat -> "Meat Burger" [label = "crafting" ]
meat -> "Meatlover Pizza" [label = "crafting" ]

"cooked chicken" -> "Meat Burger" [label = "crafting" ]
"cooked chicken" -> Paella [label = "crafting" ]
"cooked chicken" -> "Meatlover Pizza" [label = "crafting" ]

For now I will not continue this chart.

Technic Chests

To enhance the functionality of the technic chests the following additions and changes are intended to be done:

  • make the mithril chest bigger with the new 5.3 scroll container
  • add a digiline interface to the "better" technic chests
  • add a selectable protection to the gold and mithril chest (owner, area, player list)

There was already a working implementation of a few digiline functions, but sadly that code was lost.

The following functions are intended to be added:

  • set and query settable chest parameters
  • trigger sorting
  • query total amount and free and used slots
  • query the content (by slot)
  • query the summed up content
  • query free space
  • query free space for a given item

In case you have other ideas please add them here;

  • ...

3m Slops

  • tar
  • split stone tile alt
  • concrete
  • operation panel (as joke node)
  • gravel with concrete (new node, only for slopes)
  • gravel on stonebrick?