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Sraczka2 is player not moderator! Sraczka2 is a Christian.

About from my Info centre

I am player not moderator/admin. My nick is Sraczka2. I am martinalol10's sister. I can speak polish and english. I like helping players which need help. I have got village. Buy my new Lags Album in my Village! SOON Part2 (5th of July this year!) My friends on this server:

  1. -speedtest
  2. -ARSE7
  3. -Lordy
  4. -piet
  5. -Hume2
  6. -Smacker
  7. -martinalol10
  8. -morgan8
  9. -lux_contritum

.... and more ))))


I am Sraczka2 and I have got my own village! If you want see it go to spawn shop and stand on pad to my market I have got own line (E3)