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Ywang is a user on this server who lives somewhere (Where?) at the south of the map. He is also the founder of Crossroads and Crossroads Transport.

In real life, Ywang studies and lives in Schwarzwald, where the signal quality from some Internet providers is very bad. Therefore, he may be absent for a long time.


Changes to Server Rules

  1. Add the following to Rule #11: "In case there are differences between the decision of moderators, the decision should be made according to previous cases stated in the Criminal Code. In case no similar previou case is found, the decision shall be made by voting. Moderators and users who are part of the case (except the accused user) have the right to vote."
  2. Add Parole (zh) (See below)
  3. Add a list of user rights and responsibilities. (See below)
  4. Add /mute as part of jailing, allowing moderators with kick priviledge to mute users who are serving their sentence (incl. parole).
  5. Add specific definition of "disrespect" to Rule #1.
  6. Add specific definition of "spamming" to Rule #6.
  7. Add specific definition of "not thinking of other players" to Rule #19.
  8. New rule: "Do not sell non-craftable items or items given by admin or moderators for specific purpose(s)."
  9. New rule: "Do not promote other servers or ask/suggest other users to abandon the server."
  10. New rule: "Comments against the server rules are allowed only if not offensive."
  11. New rule: "Do not ask for how to act against the server rules without punishment."
  12. New rule: "Do not act against punishments. If you disapprove punishments, please refer to Rule #11."

Changes to Criminal Code

  1. Add a list of jail/ban cases.
  2. Add punishment for actions against the proposed rules.
  3. Use tables instead of lists.

In-game Parole

IRL, parole is the early release of prisioners under certain conditions, and people serving parole are still considered serving their sentence. In game, this can be simplified by giving jailed users access to more resources in an isolated area and allowing users to leave jail for a certain amount of time, under the following conditions:

  • Users serving parole should stay in the parole area when moderators (users with kick privilege) are not online, and they are allowed to leave the parole area for 15 minutes every 30-minute-period. This can be enforced by setting the parole area.
  • Users serving parole should not do anything against the rules.
  • Users serving parole have access to more resources (incl. more items, lighter sentence, and larger area) than in jail, but the parole area should still be isolated.
  • Users serving parole have the right to apply to leave jail after spending 7 days in parole without criminal record.


  • any moderator can send jailed users to parole, if the moderator believes that the jailed user behaves well.
  • a special area should be built for users serving parole.

(Draft) User Rights and Responsibilities

Action Jailed Player Player serving Parole Normal Player Moderator Administrator
Rights Propose changes to rules No No Yes Yes Yes
Propose adding new mods No No Yes Yes Yes
Vote for/against changes to rules No No Yes Yes Yes
Vote for/against new mods No No Yes Yes Yes
Not to be limited in a specific area No Yes, but for less than a specific amount of time Yes Yes Yes
Can teleport No No Yes, but only with permission Yes, and without permission Yes, and without permission
Can break ties in votes No No No No Yes
Responsibilities Follow server rules Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Follow moderator or admin orders Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stay in a specific area Yes Yes, but only for at least a specific amount of time No No No
Report actions against the server rules Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Work Yes No No Yes Yes
Register alt accounts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kick, jail, and/or ban users who break rules No No Yes Yes Yes