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ARSE7, I've replied to your message on User_talk:Ywang.

There's another important thing that I have to tell you: User:Och Noe turned off some of your Luacontrollers because they were causing lag and running at 4Hz (i.e. interrupt(0.25)). Remember that Luacontrollers with over 0.5Hz (i.e. interrrupt(2)) are not allowed and you can get into trouble. Also, high-frequency Luacontrollers (i.e. over 0.5Hz) can't improve the speed at all. I've confirmed that by trying 4Hz Luacontrollers before, and now I set them to 0.2Hz. User:CalebJ said that you are causing "financial fraud and now purposeful lagging",so I suggest you fix these controllers as soon as possible.

By the way, I have removed my shop/factory in Ocean City, and I currently live far away from Ocean City and Neverbuild.