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Here is my suggestion for adding a few roads to Personhood.

Regarding Talk:Reorganize termini of E3 and NX.

1. Why I reconstructed the tracks there:

In the last months, we have agreed on a Forks:Railway Styleguide. The tracks located there could not be called 'tracks' in any sense. It was a single-node-support diagonal track straight through the water, and I considered removing it would not be any sort of "loss" at all as you try to suggest there.

In order to establish a passenger service, I decided to reconstruct this section. I asked gabriel about it and he approved it.

2. Why I am asking about it then:

The reconstruction of this short section is (in my opinion) a pretty minor task and a change that everyone would agree with. However, service changes of E3 and NX and/or a completely new line from GEF to SHP is a construction project that requires public approval.

3. Please tell me why you constantly keep bashing me.

I'm sorry that I might seem unsensible, but I just don't understand your personal problem with this. Many railway projects carried out by other players that are in a small scale (such as this change) or even some larger projects haven't been announced and publicly discussed, and you didn't object in any way. Examples include:

  • The Cobble Garden bypass in Personhood (from right north of Personhood Main station to Mapgen Error station) on the PH-Oasis line, built by gabriel in December (or so)
  • The reconstruction of the entire(!) "Southern Trump line" from the Spawn-Melinka line(after the bridge) up to Shanielle Park (which is still in progress and I don't know who does this)

I know that I did wrong things in the past, and I apologized for it. I will not interfere into any railways or stations that belong to or are operated by any other player, especially in the Birch Bay, Personhood, Crossroads and Stallmangrad area. I consider myself responsible for the Spawn subway, and for the operation of the "state-operated" long-distance services, and will ask for public approval for major changes. Note that everything I do happens in consultation with gabriel.

If you and other players think that I am abusing my power, interfering with things in an unacceptable way, or have other problems with me moderating the state railways, then vote to impeach me as a moderator. If you do, I will accept it and continue to play using the orrwell account, as a non-moderator player.


During writing this, I opened up the talk page of Talk:Retrace lines in South-West quarter and stumbled upon your remark there. I'm sorry that I had forgotten about it by this time. If it is really important to you, I can still restore the old state of the area.

I don't know what the plan with the Southern Trump Line being reconstructed is about, but I suppose it is to offer a railway service to Shanielle Park from the South Forest area. If so, the new tracks (while they are there) could connect to this new line, while the (restored) old track layout only serves the branch to Wolf Rock.

--Orwell (talk) 17:56, 21 February 2020 (CET)

Vote: Should the area west of Shanielle Park be restored in the state before the track reconstruction?



I hereby assume responsibility for this incident, as I gave the go-ahead for this plan. I will try to write binding planning rules soon, to make this kind of incidents impossible in the future. --Gabriel (talk) 19:10, 21 February 2020 (CET)

Och Noe I'm sorry for breaking in to your factory, I was just curious. Please can you unban me. I wont do it again. ??? Virusource

Hello mate Can you please unban me???

please stop begging for unbanning. I will unban you when I think the time has come to unban you --Gabriel (talk) 23:54, 26 May 2020 (CEST)