Valley of Pharoah

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Valley of Pharoah is an island occupied by User:IcemanDs. It lies on the South of Land's End and on the west of South Forest.


There are two railway stations, one overground and one underground. The overground station is operated bye the line E2. The underground station is planned to be operated by the line XN. There is also a shittle going to the incomplete pyramid.


Whole the island is occupied by IcemanDs's factory. There are farms floating on the sea on the South. There is an incomplete stone pyramid on the South of these farms. The pyramid has one small inner part and one huge outer part. The inner part is whole floating on the sea and it is almost complete. The outer part is bigger and spans over four small islands in the sea. It has no floor and only a little part is complete. The inner pyramid is 80m in width and the outer is 400m in width.