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Voting Rules for this Page

We though it would have been obvious, to ensure a correct and fair voting here are the most important rules:

  1. Only one (1) vote per login/player
  2. Only the same account may set or change the own vote, no other votes may be made (no voting for other accounts)
  3. Accounts from the same IP have to be regular players to be allowed to vote (to prevent illegal multivoting from dummy-accounts)
  4. Votes from short time players can be subject of removal, because of possible multivoting or voting from a player who is not really playing on this server
  5. Violating these rules may lead to losing the right to vote on this page, also any attempt to circumvent these rules

Current Petitions

Griefer of the Year Petitions

GrotY 2019

Petition started by 👑 gabriel 9-November-2019

Nominations for Griefer of the Year 2019 are nouw open. Please nominate your candidates here. The vote will be held in the first days of 2020. Please sign your nominations using --~~~~

Nominated Players

  • poa, due to griefing a spawn subway station on 2019-08-29 --👑 gabriel (talk) 17:52, 12 November 2019 (CET)
  • ⚖️ orwell, due to multiple reports of broken (Lua)ATC lines and the refusal to do anything towards existing problems. (nomination withdrawn --⚖️ Ywang (talk) 15:24, 10 December 2019 (CET))

I concur, due to repeated offenses of deleting with worldedit several existing mainlines and train areas that took great effort to construct. These incidents were especially around Stallmangrad and in general ⚖️ Smacker's areas, even after being explicitly told he is not allowed to do so. --Nanepiwo (talk) 03:05, 21 November 2019 (CET)

  • Blockhead, due to trying to fix Spawn Subway without permission, updating signs at Spawn Subway stations without permission, and digging a big ugly trench near Bamboo Hills.
  • ⚖️ Ywang, due to:
  • Causing 41.029ms - 892.663ms (avg 157.269ms, per 5s) of lag with the CRT control center (disabled since 2019-12-01 15:54:17) without permission,
  • Jamming Silver Coast South - The Cube railway without permission, and
  • Installing a "backdoor" onto CRT and part of ATL railway to monitor train movement without permission.
  • ⚖️ orwell, due to repeated destruction or damage of railway: total destruction with WorldEdit of two junctions and disconnected tracks build by Smacker, dhausmig and Och_Noe (-1112, 5, -3477 and -1112, 19, -3819; safe to tp) sometime at the beginning of 2019. And the second case in December when orwell disconnected a private line from Blockhead at (I think) Schwarzschild Street - again without any prior notice and permission. As repeated offender (see the forum thread for the server for a glimpse of the graveness of the 2018 WE incident at Stallmangrad ) I not only can't see any excuse for this repeated actions, I can now see that only as malicious intended destruction of other players work.
    If the repeated denial to fix important bugs in advtr... can also be considered as griefing here is IMHO also to discuss. --Och Noe (talk) 06:20, 6 January 2020 (CET)

GrotY 2020

Nominated Players

Petition started 18-June-2020

  • Frog-Boy for causing a nuclear meltdown (and a huge mess) in his basement with a HV Forcefield Emmitter.
  • HubsChromeFreeze for cutting down majority of Einhorn Cliff jungle to make place for his treemachine.
  • cocodepamonha for causing lava spills in user areas and stealing very valuable items from various open inventories from other users, such as tools, machines and battery boxes. --Felfa (talk) 10:28, 24 August 2020 (CEST)

Other Votes

train free day

petiton started by 56independent 29-August-2020

trains cause lag. a lot of lag. in fact, sometimes they produce so much lag, i cant build a 3*3 square without making an error. my idea? train free day, once per week. imagine this, a train free friday, so exhausted people after work dont have to deal with lag. it will be hard to impliment, but a stop on all trains services will be enough. as for the noobs who depend on trains? who gives a heck, just use bikes and feet.

For Neutral Against
56independent ywang
⚖️ orwell* Maverick2797
Sajuk Cato

* I am interested what impact this would have regarding the server lag. We could try it out at least once. The new_lzb branch contains this commit which could be useful. --Orwell (talk) 12:12, 6 September 2020 (CEST)

Rejected: it might cause trouble to restart train service afterwards. --Gabriel (talk) 12:57, 6 September 2020 (CEST)

Mod Votes


Original petition started by anju64 28-July-2019, re-opened by Frog-Boy (see notes below for changes specific to the 2020-06-12 petition) and ⚖️ ywang (see notes below for changes specific to the 2020-09-05 petition).

Write your nickname into the chosen column. Thanks for voting!

Old Votes

These are the votes from the old petition. If you want to keep your vote or change it, put it in the new votes category. (Put all new votes there)

For Neutral Against
anju64 Ywang (Yw05) gabriel
Lucas Burlingham

2020-06-12 - 2020-09-05 Votes

Frog-Boy proposed using Ywang's fork that removed most of the items provided by the mod and only kept:

  • digilines button
  • digilines channel copier
  • digilines dimmable light
  • digilines control panel
  • digilines touchscreen
  • digilines wallknob

(the items to be included can be changed if needed)

For Neutral Against
Frog-Boy austinhuang

The petition has been withdrawn by ⚖️ ywang due to changes to his fork on 2020-09-05, which only removes digilines NICs and (temporarily) game controllers.

Current Votes

Ywang proposes using his fork of the mod with the following changes:

  • The NIC has been removed for safety reasons.
  • The timer has been removed due to lag concerns. An alternative is to use lua controllers.
  • The game controller has been temporarily removed due to lag concerns (They will be re-added when optimized).
  • The node detector and camera have been modified:
  • Node detectors and cameras only work when triggered by digiline with the detection radius as the message.
  • Node detectors and cameras return a list of players in a given radius (specified in the digiline message) from the detector/camera itself.
  • Node detectors and cameras always return the list of players found in the radius or an empty table.
  • Each entry corresponding to a player is a table containing the player name (name), position (pos), pitch (pitch), and yaw (yaw).
(Node detectors and cameras now work in the same way.)
  • The following items are added to the not_blocking_trains = 1 group:
  • Camera
  • I/O expander
  • Vertical cables
  • Insulated cables
  • Dimmable light
  • Control panel
  • Button
  • Wall knob
  • Touchscreen
  • Node textures have been optimized.
For Neutral Against


Petition started by LapisWolf 21-May-2020

Vote for or against adding the emote mod to the server.

The emote mod adds an API and several commands to allow your character model to do new gestures!

This will allow the players to use decorational stair and slab chairs as functional chairs rather than being purely aesthetic.

The emotes implemented currently are:

   /sit - sit down
   /sleep - sleep as like in a bed
   /lay - lay down, just like sleeping
   /freeze - character stops moving as if frozen while walking
   /point - raise hand out to signal a direction
   /wave - do a quick hand wave
   /stand - used to revert back from other emotes

Moreover, the API provides a way for other mods to use these interaction in their code.

For Neutral Against
LapisWolf jonadab
Och_Noe Sajuk
Ywang Maverick2797
austinhuang Cato


Petition started by ⚖️ Smacker 12-June-2019

Vote for or against adding the facade mod to the server.

The mod has partial functional overlap with mymillwork — both mods provide elements intended for use in cornices. However, facade provides larger and simpler elements, while mymillwork provides finer and smaller elements suitable for both exterior and interior application. On the image below the cornice in the top is from facade mod, while the lower one is from mymillwork.

Cornice comparison

The mod uses only essential materials (2 stone types, 3 sandstone types, and bakedclay) that color-match well. So far it is aimed at creative use only (or at being used with another chisel mod), but yours truly made a machine to act as CNC or mill, and hopefully it will find its way into the mod. Until that time, voting can take place all the same.

Write your nickname into the chosen column. Thanks for voting!

For Neutral Against
Smacker Ywang (Yw05)
lucasburlingham Och_Noe
anju64 austinhuang
erstazi Sajuk


Petition started by apprentice 1-September-2020

Vote for or against adding the forge mod to the server.

The forge mod allows smelting certain materials to try to extract more metals. It uses an electrode, which requires technic power, to melt stuff. Refinery bricks are also added, which is a material that keeps molten metals hot. The forge mod also has a density system, making heavier metals sink down, and lighter metals rise up. Metal blocks and glass can also be molten, and will always result in the same metal/glass on cooling. A list of what items can sometimes be melted into what is below (these items usually will be melted into slag):

   *     desert cobble: copper, steel
   *     stone cobble/mossycobble: steel, copper
   *     gravel: steel, gold
   *     dirt: steel, gold
   *     desert sand: glass
   *     sand: glass
   *     sandstone: glass
   *     desert sand: glass
   *     dirt with grass: steel, gold
For Neutral Against
Apprentice Och_Noe

hotbar extender

Petition started by 56independent 25-August-2020 name is 56independent, and i am annoyed by the standard 8 box hotbar. i can only have 8 inventory items to choose from. what if i wanted to build a computer with a lot of i/o? i have to put items in and out of my hotbar pretty darn often. here is my idea: a hotbar extension. you can use a command to extend the number of slots. your entire inventory? /hotbar 32! you want 3 slots? /hotbar 3!

feast your eyes on its bueaty!

please vote. i really want this mod,

For Neutral Against
56independent Maverick2797 Cato

Illegal double vote was removed (nice try) --Och Noe (talk) 16:35, 28 September 2020 (CEST)


Petition started by Cato 18-September-2020

I suggest to add powerbank to allow mobile charging The link is here:

For Neutral Against
Cato Maverick2797


Petition started/restarted by Maverick2797 11-August-2019

Vote for or against adding the rgblightstone mod to the server

Adds an RGB version of the mesecon lightstones.

  • Send a hex-colour via digiline to set all lights on that channel
  • Send a table of hex-colours as an XY grid to set multiple in one command

Note: the light_source value is not (currently) toggleable, therefore even a light set to #000000 (black) produces the same amount of light as #FFFFFF (white)

Write your nickname into the chosen column. Thanks for voting!

Previous Itteration Votes

For Neutral Against
Maverick2797 Ywang (Yw05) Och_Noe

Current Itteration Votes

For Neutral Against
Maverick2797 Ywang
Erstazi austinhuang
LapisWolf 56independent


Petition started by Maverick2797 23-April-2019

Vote for or against adding the skybox mod to the server.

Maverick2797's fork here, pending merge to the master repo.

Adds the option for individual players to change how the time of day appears to them without affecting the rest of the server. Also allows changing the default sky background to a decent quality image (again per player)

Note: this does not actually affect the day-night cycle of the server, only aesthetics, so solar panels etc will not be affected. Requires the "skybox" priv to be used.

For Neutral Against
Maverick2797 Och_Noe
LapisWolf Aksum
ywang austinhuang
56independent Cato

Suspended Votes

Mods where for different reasons a voting is suspended and not finally decided

Old Votes


Petition started by Lordy 11-May-2019

Vote for or against adding the mymillwork mod to the server. Write your nickname into the chosen column. Thanks for voting!

For Against Neutral
Lordy Och_Noe
CalebJ Maverick2797
Coram Ywang
ARSE7 eliza
Smacker trap

gabriel has duly noted the result.

Mymillwork has been added to the server nouw. --👑 gabriel (talk) 10:24, 7 June 2019 (CEST)