Wolf Rock Station

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Wolf Rock Station
Wolf Rock EastEnd WestView.png
An SHP service waits to depart from platform 2. The defunct bay platform is visible behind it.
LocationWolf Rock
Coordinates🌍 -5080,7,-3550 (map)
Other information
Station codeWfr
Preceding station   Express Lines   Following station
toward Euler Street

Wolf Rock Station is the station in Wolf Rock, in the far southwest of the map. It lies on the Euler Street-Wolf Rock Railway. It is served by regional lines E3 and SHP. It is one of the oldest stations on the network, made at the latest in August 2017, since it is on the first available map of the world.

All E3 services depart platform 1, and SHP services always depart platform 2. This is a similar arrangement to Melinka Town Station and allows easy interchange when trains are waiting for both services.

The station is owned by, therefore probably built by memek. It is a grand construction of sandstone platforms and shelters lit with mese lamps and the station name in ehlphabet blocks. There is also a defunct terminal track west of the main platforms.


The station was originally built for the Trump Express Lines to Garden of Eden and Shanielle Park. After these lines were decommissioned, it was reconnected to the line coming from Trisiston.

Services were reconfigured in February 2020 by ⚖️ orwell to commision the SHP shuttle.

Wolf Rock Junction

There is a railway junction (situated in the tunnel just west of the station) where the tracks to Shanielle Park and Shanielle Inlet diverge. A branch line to Sraczka2's Village also exists, but is not operated.