X Nihilo Express

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X Nihilo Express
Line numberXN
Track gauge886.3 mm (2 ft 10 78 in) Advtrains gauge
Route map
X Nihilo Main Station
CFE to Crystal Farms
X Nihilo Regional - CFE
Manaugh Griefing Memorial - CFE S14
Personhood West - CFE S16
towards Personhood
The Cube - E1 CFE
Lusin Street
Ehlodex - E1 CFE S12 S13 ATL-M
towards Schwarzschildt Street
Perlin River
Leekston East - 5
Szymon's Dam - CFE 1 2
CFE to Origin
Kosha Branch
Koshahood - KS
Chasm of Segfault - KS 2


The X Nihilo Express, line number XN, was an express that ran on the Hume Line and X Nihilo Mainline between Land's End and X Nihilo City via Leekston East, Ehlodex, and Personhood West. It is now superseded by the Noob Express.


Hume2 was responsible for the construction of the Hume Line, and this was the first service on that line. Hume2 had planned to be extended south to Dry Island in the future, but this never eventuated.

Service was re-rerouted in mid 2019 to South Forest instead of Land's End. Eventually the E35 and this line were merged, and service truncated back to Manaugh Memorial. Gabriel decided that it was not worth providing the ghost town of X Nihilo with a direct service, and the town can now only be reached by a path from X Nihilo regional, which the Crystal Farms Express now stops at.