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* '''LTBAG Banana Express Line''' {{BEX}} between [[Anju Crossing]] and [[Shore LTBAG Station]] via [[Bananawood]] and [[Pyramid Station]].
* '''LTBAG Banana Express Line''' {{BEX}} between [[Anju Crossing]] and [[Shore LTBAG Station]] via [[Bananawood]] and [[Pyramid Station]].
== Screenshots ==
AnjuCrossingCentral_PlatformU6.png|A Spawn Subway Line 6 train waits at the terminal platform for line 6.
File:AnjuCrossingCentral PlatformU7W U7E EastView.png|Looking east from the northern Spawn Subway Line 7 platform, a train comes to a stop on its way to Planetarium Subway Station.
AnjuCrossingCentral_Sunset.png|The sun sets in the east, visible from the top level platforms.
File:AnjuCrossignCentral EastSide ExpressTrains.png|Looking east away from the station, express trains pass both ways, using the express bypass tracks.
AnjuCrossing_LocalAndExpressTrains.png|Two [[S12]] local trains pass are present at their local platforms, while in the background an [[E1]] train departs ahead of the [[S12]] train showing proper priority.

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anju64 crossing Central
Anju Crossing Central.jpg
View of the station from the north.
Coordinates🌍 -443,3,385 (map)
Owned byLTBAG
Other information
Station codeAnj (subway, mainline), AnCr (LTBAG)
OpenedSeptember 2019
Preceding station   Spawn Subway   Following station
toward Library
toward Planetarium
Preceding station   Local Lines   Following station
toward Spawn Main
toward Ehlodex
Preceding station   Leipziger Transport und Bau Aktiengesellschaft   Following station
toward Shore LTBAG
Preceding station   Express Lines   Following station
toward Melinka Town
toward Personhood

anju64 Crossing Central is the newest and busiest railway staion in Anju Crossing. Currently it is served by the following lines:

  • Spawn Subway Line 6 to Spawn Library via Riverside, Spawn and Origin.
  • Spawn Subway Line 7 from Birch Bay East to Planetarium via Anju Crossing Central and Spawn.
  • E1 the express line from Personhood to Mom Junction via Spawn.
  • S12 the local train between Ehlodex and Spawn Main Station.
  • LTBAG Banana Express Line BEX between Anju Crossing and Shore LTBAG Station via Bananawood and Pyramid Station.