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| tracks = 2
| tracks = 2
| coordinates = {{Co|-5176|20|-2663}}
| coordinates = {{Co|-5176|20|-2663}}
| code = BFC
| code = Bfc
| services =  
| services =  
{{s-rail|title=Express Lines}}
{{s-rail|title=Express Lines}}

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BigFishCity Station
BigFishCity Station 20200704 163717.png
Looking at the station building from across the tracks
Coordinates🌍 -5176,20,-2663 (map)
Owned byBigFishPimp
Line(s)Euler Street-Wolf Rock Railway
Other information
Station codeBfc
Preceding station   Express Lines   Following station
toward Euler Street

BigFishCity Station is a station on the Euler Street-Wolf Rock Railway that is serviced by E3. The stations construction is solid being made out of oak wood with a thatch roof as well as a small shop inside the station building. The station is located in a city being built by BigFishPimp.