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| Trash Can || <code>trash_can</code> || {{Extlink|https://github.com/minetest-mods/trash_can.git}} || || || Everyone (note: pipeworks has a trash can as well)
| Trash Can || <code>trash_can</code> || {{Extlink|https://github.com/minetest-mods/trash_can.git}} || || || Everyone (note: pipeworks has a trash can as well)
| Unified Inventory || <code>unified_inventory</code> || {{Extlink|https://github.com/minetest-mods/unified_inventory}} Note: our version (ca6d9a10df) uses cotton in the recipe, it was changed to string.|| || || Partially available to everyone (exposes extra commands to privileged users)
| Unified Inventory || <code>unified_inventory</code> || {{Extlink|https://github.com/minetest-mods/unified_inventory}} Note: our version (ca6d9a10df) uses cotton in the recipe (in which recipe?), it was changed to string.|| || || Partially available to everyone (exposes extra commands to privileged users)
| Walkway || <code>walkway</code> || [https://git.gpcf.eu/?p=walkway.git Mirror 1] [https://git.bananach.space/walkway.git/ Mirror 2] || || || Everyone
| Walkway || <code>walkway</code> || [https://git.gpcf.eu/?p=walkway.git Mirror 1] [https://git.bananach.space/walkway.git/ Mirror 2] || || || Everyone

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LinuxForks uses a large modpack with mods from various sources, often with our own flavour added - the 'Forks' in LinuxForks refers to how we sometimes fork other mods; these sometimes get accepted back upstream. We fork either because the mod author has made breaking changes, or just to add our own functionality and flavour. Various players, mostly moderators and the admin, are responsible for maintaining our forks. For example, Smacker is in charge of technic.


  • Dyes Group (group:dye)
  • Leaves Group (group:leaves)
  • Sand Group (group:sand)
  • Stone Group (group:stone)
  • Wood group (group:wood)

Default Items

Starting Items for Newcomers
Item Amount
Torch 99
Steel Hoe.png
Iron Hoe 1
Rhubarb 2
Potato 2
Blueberry 1
Wooden Pickaxe.png
Wooden Pickaxe 1
Stick 30
5 MineGeld.png
5MG Notes 5 (Amounting to 25MG)
30MG in the ATM system


All mods are available for download. Click here to download, the archive is from 2019-07-01.
Please note that some mods used on this server have been forked from the original author. Do not fill in the links unless you are sure.

Name Code Source Bugtracker Manual Availability*
Advanced Boats advboats https://git.gpcf.eu/?p=advboats.git Admin only
Advanced Trains
  • advtrains
  • advtrains_interlocking
  • advtrains_itrainmap
  • advtrains_line_automation
  • advtrains_luaautomation
  • advtrains_signals_ks
  • advtrains_train_industrial
  • advtrains_train_japan
  • advtrains_train_steam
  • advtrains_train_subway
  • advtrains_train_track
https://git.bananach.space/advtrains.git http://bugs.linux-forks.de/advtrains/ Everyone with train_operator privilege
Advtrains Freight Train advtrains_freight_train https://github.com/h-v-smacker/advtrains_freight_train See this page
Advtrains JR_E231 Series advtrains_train_jre231 http://git.bananach.space/JR_E231series_modpack.git/ Same as advtrains
Advtrains Platform advtrains_platform https://git.bananach.space/advtrains_platform.git/ Everyone
Apartment control panel apartment https://git.bananach.space/apartment.git/ Everyone may rent, apartment_unrent required to forcibly unrent
Areas areas https://github.com/ShadowNinja/areas https://li-fo.de/p Everyone
ATM atm https://git.bananach.space/atm.git/ Everyone, craftable
External authentication exporter auth_export https://git.bananach.space/auth_export.git/ Everyone (used for this mediawiki)
Baked Clay bakedclay https://notabug.org/TenPlus1/bakedclay https://notabug.org/TenPlus1/bakedclay/issues Everyone
Banish banish https://git.bananach.space/banish.git/ Tool for moderators/admin to jail players
Beerchat beerchat https://git.bananach.space/beerchat.git/ Everyone
Bike bike https://gitlab.com/h2mm/bike https://gitlab.com/h2mm/bike/issues Everyone
Billboard billboard https://git.bananach.space/billboard.git/ Everyone, but items must be given by admin/admin shop.
Bonemeal bonemeal https://gitlab.com/Felfa/bonemeal https://gitlab.com/Felfa/bonemeal/issues Everyone
Bones bones Everyone
C_doors c_doors https://github.com/h-v-smacker/c_doors Everyone
Canned Food canned_food https://github.com/h-v-smacker/canned_food Everyone
Copper rename copper_rename Mod archive only Everyone (it's just a one-liner alias from moreores to default)
Cottages cottages https://github.com/h-v-smacker/cottages Everyone
Craftguide craftguide https://github.com/minetest-mods/craftguide.git Everyone (crafting sign and book)
Currency currency https://github.com/gpcf/currency Everyone
Digilines digilines https://github.com/Jeija/minetest-mod-digilines.git Everyone
Digtron digtron Clarification needed, probably smacker (newer) or linux-forks.de (older) Everyone
Display Modpack
  • display_lib
  • font_lib
  • ontime_clocks
  • signs
  • signs_road
  • steles
https://git.gpcf.eu/?p=display_modpack.git Everyone
Drawers drawers upstream ours Everyone
Easter Eggs easteregg https://gitlab.com/h2mm/easteregg Everyone
Ehlphabet ehlphabet https://git.bananach.space/ehlphabet.git/ Everyone
Elevator elevator smacker's (old) ours Everyone
Engraving Table engrave https://github.com/orwell96/engrave Everyone
Ethereal undo ethereal https://gitlab.com/Felfa/ethereal https://gitlab.com/Felfa/ethereal/issues Everyone
Farebox farebox oldest old current Everyone
Farming undo farming https://gitlab.com/Felfa/farming https://gitlab.com/Felfa/farming/issues Everyone
Feedlot feedlot https://git.bananach.space/feedlot.git Everyone
Freezer freezer old current Everyone
Gates gates https://bitbucket.org/kingarthursteam/gates.git Everyone
Hang Glider hangglider https://git.bananach.space/hangglider.git Everyone
Hunger with HUD bar hbhunger upstream (one commit extra in mod archive fixes a node breaker bug) Everyone
Hiking Signs hiking https://gitlab.com/h2mm/hiking Requires hiking privilege to place/remove signs.
HUD bars hudbars http://repo.or.cz/minetest_hudbars.git Everyone
Internationalization Lib for Minetest (deprecated) intllib https://github.com/minetest-mods/intllib/ Everyone
Item frames itemframes https://github.com/Zeg9/minetest-itemframes Everyone
Döner Kebab kebab https://git.gpcf.eu/?p=kebab.git Everyone
  • mesecons
  • mesecons_*
https://github.com/minetest-mods/mesecons.git Everyone
Laser Distance Measure 32 ldm32 https://github.com/laza83/ldm32 Everyone
Linetrack linetrack ours upstream Same as advtrains
Living Room Furniture lrfurn https://github.com/thefamilygrog66/lrfurn Everyone
In-game Mail mail https://cheapiesystems.com/git/mail/ Everyone
Mailbox mailbox Mirror 1 Mirror 2 (with git tags) Mirror 3 Everyone
Markers markers https://git.gpcf.eu/?p=markers.git
Mgv7 road / bridge / tunnel generator pathv7 https://github.com/paramat/pathv7 https://github.com/paramat/pathv7/issues Not related to players
Minetest Errata minetest_errata https://github.com/h-v-smacker/minetest_errata Everyone
Mob - horse mob_horse https://notabug.org/TenPlus1/mob_horse https://notabug.org/TenPlus1/mob_horse/issues Everyone
Mobs - animal mobs_animal https://notabug.org/TenPlus1/mobs_animal https://notabug.org/TenPlus1/mobs_animal/issues Everyone
Mobs - water
  • mobs_fish
  • mobs_jellyfish
  • mobs_turtles
https://github.com/R-0ne/mobs_water Everyone
Mobs Redo mobs https://notabug.org/TenPlus1/mobs_redo Everyone
More Blocks undo moreblocks https://git.bananach.space/moreblocks.git/ Everyone
More Lights morelights morelights_* https://github.com/h-v-smacker/morelights Everyone
More Ores moreores https://github.com/minetest-mods/moreores Everyone
munin munin Archive only Background (logging tool)
  • myhighscore
  • pacmine
https://github.com/Ferk/myArcade/ Everyone
Mymillwork mymillwork https://github.com/laza83/mymillwork Everyone
Pipeworks (minus basic_materials) pipeworks upstream ours - only in mod archive https://gitlab.com/VanessaE/pipeworks/-/wikis/home Everyone
Railroad Paraphernalia railroad_paraphernalia https://github.com/h-v-smacker/railroad_paraphernalia Everyone
Realestate realestate https://git.gpcf.eu/?p=realestate.git Everyone
Signs Lib signs_lib https://git.gpcf.eu/?p=signs.git Everyone
Simple Arcs pkarcs old current Everyone
Places places https://git.bananach.space/places.git/ Everyone
Skinsdb skinsdb https://github.com/minetest-mods/skinsdb (mod archive has skins we use on this server) Everyone
Smartshop smartshop old current Everyone (but players with creative may make unlimited stock shops)
Stained Glass glass_stained main mirror 1 smacker's/mirror 2 Everyone
Superimposed Frames si_frames Smacker Everyone
  • technic
  • technic_*
  • concrete
  • extranodes
https://github.com/h-v-smacker/technic Everyone
Teleport Potion teleport_potion https://notabug.org/TenPlus1/teleport_potion (we use v0.7) Everyone
Textline textline https://github.com/gbl08ma/textline Everyone
TFL S7 Stock Modpack tfls7 https://github.com/Mainote/TfL_S7stock_modpack/ No crafting recipe, not available at minitrans.
Tower Crane towercrane https://github.com/minetest-mods/towercrane Everyone
Trainblocks trainblocks https://github.com/maxxmodding/trainblocks_bc (version in mod archive is from before a force push) Partially available to everyone
Trash Can trash_can https://github.com/minetest-mods/trash_can.git Everyone (note: pipeworks has a trash can as well)
Unified Inventory unified_inventory https://github.com/minetest-mods/unified_inventory Note: our version (ca6d9a10df) uses cotton in the recipe (in which recipe?), it was changed to string. Partially available to everyone (exposes extra commands to privileged users)
Walkway walkway Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Everyone
Wine wine https://gitlab.com/Felfa/wine https://gitlab.com/Felfa/wine/issues Everyone
  • worldedit
  • worldedit_commands
  • worldedit_shortcommands
https://github.com/Uberi/Minetest-WorldEdit Admin only
Extended Ban V2 xban2 http://git.bananach.space/xban2.git/ Moderators only

* Availability: users with access to certain features provided by mods.

In the archive, but NOT enabled

  • Abjphabet abjphabet - deprecated. ehlphabet is used instead.
  • Advanced Trains Subway Blocks advtrains_subwayblocks - deprecated. trainblocks is used instead.
  • Agree Rules (agreerules) - unused.
  • Awards (awards) - buggy.
  • Crops (crops) - deprecated. farming is used instead.
  • DarkAge (darkage) - not used. Closest mod is cottages.
  • Diet (diet) - not compatible with hudbars.
  • Hud (hud) - deprecated. hudbars is used instead.
  • Hunger (hunger) - deprecated. hbhunger is used instead.
  • Inventory Plus inventory_plus - deprecated. unified_inventory is used instead.
  • More Trees moretrees - not enabled in this server.
  • PlayerEffects Potions (pep) - buggy.
  • PlayerEffects (playereffects) - buggy.
  • Zeg9's craft guide (zcg) - deprecated. unified_inventory is used instead.

Admin Shops

Some of the mods on the server lack crafting recipes, especially advtrains and trainblocks. There are two shops where you can acquire these items; these shops are categorised as Admin Shops.

The Admin shop in Origin offers basic ATC, loading and unloading tracks for advtrains as well as apartment control panels.

The Ministry of Transport in Spawn offers wallmounted railway signals as well as a variety of uncraftable rollingstock.