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(Pancakes created this page for her park Bone Sanctuary)
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Bone Sanctuary
Screenshot 20200326 152808.png
A wide view of Bone Sanctuary
Coordinates🌍 -217,16,-224
Other information
A fun place to relax

Bone Sanctuary was built by Pancakes for the March 2020 Garden Contest. It's located in Sakharov Street next to Pancakes' other builds. It's practically covered with Pancakes' favorite thing — bones. As well as a bunch of bones, the park also includes a relaxing fountain, beautiful flowers, a Maple tree, a glo stone path, and some benches. Pancakes is also giving out some free snacks to eat while relaxing at Bone Sanctuary. It's a great place to hang out if you love looking at bones. Some people may not find bones so relaxing, but Pancakes thinks bones are cool.

The park may not be the best, but Pancakes tried her best to make it look good. At first, it was very plain, but then Pancakes decided to add fences, lighting, and bones.

You can visit Bone Sanctuary yourself by taking Line 4 (Lighthouse) until you reach the stop "Sakharov Street". You could also just simply use the coordinates: 🌍 -217,16,-224