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| coordinates = {{Co|1771|6|991}}
| coordinates = {{Co|1771|6|991}}
| status = Active
| status = Active
| code = {{Bulleted list|cr_cityhall|crch|crrathaus}}
| code =
* <code>cr_cityhall</code> (Station/stop tracks)
* <code>crch</code> ({{CRT1}})
* <code>crrathaus</code> ({{CRT2}})
| opened = April 2019
| opened = April 2019
| services =
| services =

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Crossroads City Hall
Crossroads CityHall Station WestView.jpg
View west of the station building
Other namesCrossroads, Rathaus
LocationBahnhofstraße 1
Coordinates🌍 1771,6,991
Owned byUser:Ywang
Operated byCrossroads Transport
Train operators
Other information
Station code
  • cr_cityhall (Station/stop tracks)
  • crch (CRT1)
  • crrathaus (CRT2)
OpenedApril 2019
Preceding station   Arse Train Lines   Following station
toward Ehlodex
Preceding station   Crossroads Transport   Following station
Counterclockwise Route
Clockwise Route
Track Layout
Towards East
Reserved for Internal Use
Arrow: to Public Mine
Track Numbers
Towards West
Deport for CRT2

Crossroads City Hall is the main station of Crossroads. Its construction is very basic, of stone tiles and glow glass with some 45 degree slopes. Most regional trains for Crossroads stop at this station. There are two more tracks/platforms at the City Hall for CRT1.
Due to some errors when creating station codes, this station is known to have multiple station codes.


Departure Area Line Operator(s) Status Notes
Platform Track Part of Track Line Dirction Interlocking LuaATC Scheduled
A 1 East End ATL-B Personhood West ATL and CRT Yes Yes Every minute More trains to be added to this line
B 2 Middle, closer to East End ATL-M Ehlodex ATL Partial, but not in this station No No
B 3 N/A N/A No No No Reserved for ATL
C 4 Middle, closer to East End Crossroads Mining Shuttle Crossroads Public Mine CRT No No No, but departs every 2~3 minutes
D 5 Middle CRT2 Crossroads, Bahnhof Ost CRT Partial Yes No On-demand
N2 Whole track used CRT1 Clockwise Route CRT Yes Yes Every 30 seconds More trains to be added to this line
N3 West End CRT1 Counterclockwise Route CRT Yes Yes Every 30 seconds More trains to be added to this line