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| {{Player|ywang}} || {{Co|1355|12|1380}} || [[Ocean City Station|Ocean City]]
| {{Player|ywang}} || {{Co|1355|12|1380}} || [[Ocean City Station|Ocean City]]
| Tulipa || {{Co|-3762|8|-3261}} ||Elders Valley Beach
| {{Player|Tulipa}} || {{Co|-3762|8|-3261}} ||Elders Valley Beach
| {{Player|Blockhead}} || {{Co|-3585|19|-3920}} || {{Station|Desert Junction}}
| {{Player|Blockhead}} || {{Co|-3585|19|-3920}} || {{Station|Desert Junction}}

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In this month's building contest, you are asked to build station buildings. The buildings must accompany existing stations on the rail network that have no station building yet. Only one player per station! Please declare here where you are going to build before you start, so no one can claim your station before you.

The goal of this contest is to bring life to areas on the map that are not populated yet. Please choose a station that is outside the densely populated areas (Spawn/Origin, Personhood, Trisiston/Elders Valley). See the talk page for more info.

The station building should feature appropriate amenities. A waiting room and a restroom are a must. Other ideas include a bar/restaurant, ticket counters or living quarters for railway employees.

This month, every entry meeting a certain threshold of quality will receive a commemorative minegeld note (up to 20 are available).

The Prizes are:

  • First Prize: 2000 Minegeld
  • Second Prize: 1000 Minegeld
  • Third Prize: 500 Minegeld

As a special prize, a 500 Minegeld prize will be awarded to the best-placed contestant that has not taken part in any contest before.

Important: Deadline for nominations is 2020-05-31 23:59 UTC.

Station List

Remember: you have first to declare which station you are building before you start your work!

Player Coordinates (mandatory) Station Name (if available)
ExamplePlayer 🌍 0,0,0 (map) Origin
Sajuk 🌍 -4329,10,-2773 (map) Einhorn Cliff
⚖️ ywang 🌍 1355,12,1380 (map) Ocean City
Tulipa 🌍 -3762,8,-3261 (map) Elders Valley Beach
Blockhead 🌍 -3585,19,-3920 (map) Desert Junction
🌍 x,y,z (map)
🌍 x,y,z (map)
🌍 x,y,z (map)
🌍 x,y,z (map)

In case you have not found any suitable station: