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| image_caption      = Island station viewed from the south
| image_caption      = Island station viewed from the south
| alternate_names    = Willow Dungeon
| alternate_names    = Willow Dungeon
| status              = Semi-abandoned
| status              = In regular use
| building_type      = Railway station
| building_type      = Railway station
| architectural_style = [[Osthoffian Style]]
| architectural_style = [[Osthoffian Style]]

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Island Station
Island station viewed from the south
Alternative namesWillow Dungeon
General information
StatusIn regular use
TypeRailway station
Architectural styleOsthoffian Style

Island is a station on the Stallmangrad-Personhood Mainline south of Personhood and east of Neverbuild made of willow wood. It used to be Osthoff21's house before he started building Neverbuild city. Since then, it's an abandoned place with a griefed landscape. It is a nice showcase of Osthoffian Style.

It can be seen that Osthoff21 sees a lot of walls in real life but he has actually no idea of what's behind them. Osthoff21's world consists of endless walls, rooms and corridors. There's nothing outside these rooms, nothing like outside exists in Osthoff21's world. There are is only an endless system of rooms and corridors. That way, it can be easily noticed that whole the Island station looks terribly from outside, even worse than from the inside.

In early November 2019 the station underwent a major face lift, with the wooden nonsense around it removed, internal passages widened, cluttered corners cleaned up, and lower part of the building rebuilt in silver sandstone tiles. The resulting interiors and exteriors became far less dungeon-y.