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Lottery Administration
OLA building.png
Exterior view of the premises
General information
Address7 Babbage Road, Origin flag.png Origin
Coordinates🌍 -41,14,-50
Opening20 nov 2017
Closed4 oct 2018
Demolished10 oct 2018

Origin Lottery Administration (OLA) was a lottery game service that was located at Babbage Road (Origin). It was the first known lottery administration on the city. The participation fee was 5 minegeld and the winners were rewarded with 1000 MG plus the jackpot (half of the amount of the administration benefits from each participant).

There was a huge participation but only one unknown winner that was rewarded with around 4900 minegeld. The services finally ceased in 4th october 2018 and the building was demolished 6 days later to then build a larger residential building at the same place with the same material blocks.