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* [[Farming]]
* [[Farming]]
* [[Public mine]]
* [[Radioactivity]]
* [[Radioactivity]]
* [[Signs]]
* [[Signs]]

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Our survival guide to deal with lag.
Picture of the month for July: "Origin Gate" by ⚖️ Felfa

Welcome To the Linux Forks Server Wiki! We have 2,663 articles nouw!

Server Information and Important Links

FREE TOILETPAPER - at Elders Valley

Server Information
Host linux-forks.de                 or try lag-land.de
Port 30000
Server Version 5.2-dev
Related Links
Bugtracker https://bugs.linux-forks.de
Code Hosting https://git.bananach.space
Forum Thread https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=17465
Download world maps https://minetest.bananach.space
Online map https://minetest.bananach.space/interactive/
Mumble server mumble.linux-forks.de (Port: 64738)
Shortlinks A list of useful shortlinks about this server


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To get a sense of the layout of the world, look at the City Map:

World stadtkarte.jpeg
Established and Active In construction Inactive or Dead
Settlements Standalone Places Misc./Unknown
Cities Noob Cities Towns User Areas Important Stations Buildings



The trains operate at subway, local and express levels. Here is a map of the regional network:


For more maps, see Transit Maps

Completed, operational, or near completion In construction Related Pages
Networks Individual Lines
S-Bahn / Local Lines Express Lines

Spawn-Origin services occupy the 0-9 and lower half of the 1x range:

Personhood services are in the upper half of the 1x range. They are operated as Personhood Metrorail:

Northwest quarter services are in the 2x range:

Trisiston services are in the 3x range:

Named services:

Numbered lines

Named lines

  • NX Noob Express
  • CFE Crystal Farms Express
  • SM1 Stallmangrad-Personhood Mainline
  • Klb Grand East Mainline
  • NAN Nanepiwer
  • BEX Banana Express
  • OEX Oasis Express

Retired lines


Ferries operate at the local and regional level, see: Ferry Network

Completed, operational, or near completion Planned Proposed
Networks Individual Lines
Local Ferries Cruises / Regional Ferries


Of course the easiest way to get around is by teleporting. We have a network of Travel Centers to let you do this.


Category Company Name Company Code Status
Shop Arse7's Shop Company ASK Active
Railway Arse Train Lines ATL Active
Shop Baked Beans Minetest Mayham Shop BBMMS Active
Production Baker Manufacturing Active
Railway Birch Bay Transport BBT Active
BlackDot Digital Services
Shop CCMC CCMC Closed
Production CalebJ Collaborative Massive Construction Company CCMCC Closed
Main Company Chromium Enterprises (Previously Chromium Industries) CrE Active
Railway Crossroads Transport CRT Active
Government Department of Planning Active
Railway Down Under Rail Transport DURT Active
Railway Hume2 Transport Company HTC Closed
Railway Leipziger Transport und Bau Aktiengesellschaft LTBAG Active
Production Morgan's Crafting Company MCC
Production NB-Industries Industrial heritage
Shop Och_Noe's Customer Paradise OCP Active
PK Industries PK
Railway Personhood Railway Company PRC
Main Company PrimeCorp PC Active
Construction PrimeTek Active
Production PyraCo Active
Production Trap Industry TI Active
Nuclear Trap Nuclear Technologies TNT Active
Railway Trap Railroad Company TRC
Production Tuxedo Co. TUX Active
Multi-Category C&C Active

General Information

Mods and Gameplay Curiosities Government Misc