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Welcome To the Linux Works Server Wiki! We have 2,954 articles nouw!

Our survival guide to deal with lag.
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Server Information and Important Links

Server Information
Port 30000
Server Version
This server is not (yet) using 5.0
Related Links
Code Hosting
Forum Thread

Download Maps
City Map


Please Add Contracts Below

See also: Department of Planning


Cities and Towns
Established In construction
Cities Noob Cities Towns
Separate Places
Settlements and User Areas Important and Standalone Stations Standalone Buildings Unknown


Category Company Name Company Code Status
Shop Arse7's Shop Company ASK Inactive until September 2019
Railway Arse Train Lines ATL Active
Railway Birch Bay Transport BBT Active
BlackDot Digital Services
Shop CCMC CCMC Inactive (Closed?)
Production CalebJ Collaborative Massive Construction Company CCMCC Inactive (Closed?)
Production Chromium Industries
Railway Crossroads Transport CRT Active
Government Department of Planning Active
Railway Hume2 Transport Company HTC Inactive (Closed?)
Shop Karlota Trading Co.
Railway Leipziger Transport und Bau Aktiengesellschaft LTBAG Active
Production Morgan's Crafting Company MCC
Production NB-Industries
Shop Och_Noe's Customer Paradise OCP Active
Railway Personhood Railway Company PRC (!!!)
Production Trap Industry TI Active
Nuclear Trap Nuclear Technology TNT (!!!) Active
Production Tuxedo Co. Active


Completed, operational, or near completion In construction Related Pages
Networks Individual Lines

None in construction (yet).

General Information

Mods and Gameplay Curiosities Government Misc