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Maze (station)
Maze Station.png
The platforms at Maze station, with a train headed for Personhood West.
Coordinates🌍 866,12,2994
Preceding station   Personhood Metrorail   Following station

Maze station is named after the hedge maze built by ⚖️ dhausmig near the station's entrance. The station platforms are marble while the walls are made of desert stone tiles. Glostones are embedded in the stone ceiing to provide illumination. A third set of tracks terminate behind the fenced side of the south platform.


Line S16 trains of the Personhood Metrorail arriving from Personhood West continue on to Marnack Mills where the line terminates. Line S16a trains arriving from Personhood West continue on to Shoot Hills, Panda Reserve and then Deep Valley Mountain where the line terminates.