Ocean City

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Ocean City
Parnorama of Ocean City Capital
Parnorama of Ocean City Capital
FoundedMarch 2019
Died15 April 2019
 • OwnerUser:ARSE7
 • Active ContributorUser:Och Noe

Ocean City (also known as "oc") is an independent city near Neverbuild builded by User:ARSE7. It was originally built on water, but now it also includes nearby land. It currently includes:

  • Ocean City Capital
  • Ocean City District One

Ocean City died on April 15th, 2019. It nouw lies there, a memorial to the Cobblebox.


The Capital is formerly known as "Ocean City". After District One was built, this place is renamed to "Ocean City Capital".


  • City Hall
  • OCP
  • Mushroom Market (price: free)
  • Public farm
  • Mine (free)
  • Fast Fish
  • Zoo
  • Bike sharing (free)

City Hall

The Ocean City Hall It's a cobblebox that certainly doesn't look like any Town hall.

  • First floor: news pad, chat, owners, mail boxes and ATM.
  • Second floor: mini owners shop
  • Third floor: small Ocean city ministry of transport
  • Roof with Multicraft logo

The City Hall has been removed, and a new one isn't built yet.

Crossroads Transport Office (former OCP store in Ocean City)

There was an OCP store in Ocean City. The following is a historical record of the shop. 6 floors, connected with an elevator:

  • Second lower floor: OCP subway station
  • First lower floor: ?
  • Ground floor: 3 Public MV Chargers, 1 Public MV Tool Workshop; currently: free item shop for city expanding (not permanent)
  • First floor: ?
  • Second floor: in work
  • Third floor: for Och_Noe's private use
  • Behind the building: the hydro generator setup.

As of 21 May 2019, the shop is sold to User:Ywang. The area is now used as a regional office for Crossroads Transport.

Mushroom market

It's a big mushroom built by ARSE7 and in the ovest of OC and there are 5 floors:

  • Lower floor: Mushroom Market subway station
  • First floor: ARSE7 smartshops and public smartshops places
  • Second floor: in work
  • Third floor: in work
  • Roof: terace
Mushroom Market

Public Farm

This is a 10x10 farm that is available for use by anyone. The rule is simple:

  • Please replant.
  • Taking food without replanting is same as griefing.


A mine, with teleport pad for entry and for exit.

  • teleport pad with the label "Fast Exit".
  • Date of building: 26/03/19

Fast Fish

Because the city was built in water the first food its fish, here you can buy some.


The Ocean City zoo has a panda room in the first floor and a fish pool in the second floor.

Bike sharing

A bike sharing, please do not steal bikes.

Be careful when using the bike and don't drive it off of the bridges, as lucasburlingham did the first time he took a ride.

District One

District One is a 90x150 area with 10 living places, now there are 2 used places. The first monument is Water Cube.

District One.jpg
Water Cube

Insert non-formatted text here

Lava Shop

Lava shop have two parts: First for OCS (Ocean City Shop), second for Estraziland shop. The floor of shop (with glass :P) is maked with lava.

Lava Shop


  • New part of city! 3 vacant places (30x30), this area is known as: Beach Neighborhood.
  • New shop in OC: [User:speedtest|speedtest]] shop
  • New living price:no 60mg but 40mg for home (reason: ARSE7 have regained the money spent in Ocean City Express with 1600mg of cost)
  • New upgrade of roads, (maybe not permanent)
  • New monument: Water Cube (by: ARSE7) (28/03/19)
  • District One: Change of biome (ant-mushroom operation in dis. one) (29/03/2019)
  • New living place: 15mg for OC Capital and free for District One



Trains lines are run by Arse Train Lines. Long-distance trains include:

Contact ARSE7 for more information.

District One Railway

District One currently uses the District One Railway, which is temporary and will be replaced by a train line.

District One Railway, a temporary line that is currently not part of the transport system

Ocean City Subway

Ocean City Subway currently includes the following line:

Ocean City Subway Line 1
Mushroom Market
CRT Office
City Hall ATL-Z ATL-G


Now are 3 house (26/03/19) all powered with MV available in Capital. All houses have different colour and its 2 floors house with terrace in roof. Usually the price is 30mg, but contact ARSE7 for another price (the price change with conditions) All buildings are made of wood, and each a different color.


  • According to Smacker, the bridges in Ocean City do not allow users to travel with boats. However, most transportation are done on "bridges" (in practice, roads) and not on water.
  • According to CalebJ and Ywang, ARSE7 has committed financial fraud, and Ywang has solid proof for that. "Ocean City may die because of this incident", says CalebJ.